Dear Blizz <3

Dear Blizzard, i started playing WoW because i heard the PvP was great! and it was:) but then Cata hit and i thought it couldnt get worse! Nek Minnit.... DS comes out, and den i see PvPers with Gurth, Cunning, Rath, Vial and LEGENDARIES and the they were *!*%@@!#%*!! and i was like /slit slit :'(, 4.3 almost made me Commit Blizzard... and then we heard about MoP! and how it was bringing back World PvP and fixing all the classes to be balanced!!! i was so excited :'D. I had to force myself to quest... to get to 90. Once i was 90 i was so happy that the long road was over :D but den there was nothing to do but Heroics and Scenarios! so i think to myself Blizzard "What if Blizzard was cool enough to make all the classes that balanced that only "Good" players will be OP when season starts!" then i go to bed:) the next day i wake up and get a call "Hey Bleedz #1 PvPer in the world Season has started!!!!!" and i said in an excited voice of joy "Errrmahhhhgerrrrd no wayyyyyyyyy" so i login and get my mate and do arenas, the first team we Vs'd was a war and feral i was like "woooo easy win!!" so i stay in stealth to see if feral will open! but nek minnit my friend was dead :( i was like "u so bad why u Pvp go kill yo self" so he said in a sad voice "i dont know what happened...." so i left the arena in shame :c, so i queue up again :D we came across the same team again so i decided to try and just burst the war :'D nek minnit i died.... :c he two shot me :c so then i called my friend bad and logged :) and started to /slit slit and i then started writing in my diary how Blizzard !@#$ed PvP and should change it before i GET A HIGHLY TRAINED HITMAN TO HUNT DOWN THE MAKERS TO FORZE THEM TO FIX THE GAME AND STOP "LYING" TO THE PLAYERS ON WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO BRING INTO THE GAME!!!!

-Bleedzlol #1 Player in derrr wowld

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