Kamazhi Quits Soda: A Log

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I gave up regular sugar filled sodas.

This being said I am now a certified Coke Zero addict. Gods forbid you speak to me before I've had my morning fix. I really do try and drink water but generally I feel if it's not caffeinated why should I drink it? (I worked night shift for yeeeears and it's had a definite effect on me)

Crystal Light single packets are my best friend though. Seriously, they have a TON of flavors and you just dump the adorable little packet into a bottle of water and shake. Ta da! Instant yummy.

Nothing beats the original lemonade though. I could drink that every day.
Black Tea is a good substitute if you want to cut down on the soda. It provides caffeine, but without the chemical catastrophy (and sugar) that comes along with the sparkling menaces.

I only drink water and tea without sugar or honey. I prefer real tea though. The bagged crap is worthless.

Get some sparkling water if you need the sparkle in your mouth, or buy some flavored water at your local convenient store, if they carry it. Alternatively, squeeze a lemon and put the juice in the water = flavored water without chemicals. That should help you through the worst.

I wish you luck and a strong will. YOU CAN DO IT!

Note to self: Do not try celery soda.
How about turkey and gravy soda?
Celery soda...that is gross.

ALMOST but not quite as gross as "La Croix" Cranberry-Raspberry sparkling water.
xD Turkey and gravy? Eeehhh... Now I want pumpkin pie... -ponders pumpkin pie soda-

La Croix Cranberry-Raspberry sparkling water doesn't sound bad, but I know there are a few sparkling waters that seem nice but then you take a sip... -shudders- What's bad about it? Carbonation station?
Well, it's zero sugar, zero calories, zero etcetcetc

So what's left is just

highly carbonated water with the most unconvincing cranberry/raspberry mix I've ever seen

It literally tastes like perfume
10/04/2012 01:14 PMPosted by Lavielle
xD Turkey and gravy? Eeehhh... Now I want pumpkin pie... -ponders pumpkin pie soda-


Vegetables do not belong in soda! The end.

I miss Jones Candy Corn Soda though....that stuff was like crack in a can.
I never drink soda at all. One of the best goods my mom could ever do to me is ban soda in the house (Weekends and special occasions excluded.) until I was 12. By that time I completely lost the taste for it except as a treat or dessert, and these days I only down a can if anything once a week. Its nice, like cake, but I wouldn't eat a cake every damn day.

That said, there are PLENTY of other tasty drinks to choose from! Have you tried Ginger ale? it might be carbonated, but it definetly seems on the healthier side of sodas. And, unlike what anyone might tell you, water does change taste a lot. I've found that the Evian water I tried while on my trip on Italy was the best I've ever tasted (Although the taste is comparable to Smart Water sold on the US. Expensive stuff, but it tastes 'fresher'.)

Good luck on taking out the corn syrup off your life O:
This is a fine endeavor.

I shall attempt it as well.

Not to consume poison is a step toward wisdom.
Two days update:

Headaches intermittent, but forceful.

Appetite still noticeably increasing. Eating a lot more.

Using small doses of coffee to keep the edge off.
Day 3:

Actually feel fine now.

Suspicious of it not lasting.
10/05/2012 11:51 PMPosted by Kamazhi
Suspicious of it not lasting.

You can do it!
You can do it Kamazhi!

I've quit soda myself starting this summer except for the rare occasion I go out to eat. It was worth it. Saving money and feeling better now that I'm not chugging down 2+ cans a day. I mostly drink water now and sometimes juice(Apple!) or Sobe if I'm craving something sweet.
Celery soda...that is gross.

ALMOST but not quite as gross as "La Croix" Cranberry-Raspberry sparkling water.

Anything La Croix is gross. It's what water would taste like if water could go bad.
oh god migraine
So it begins. You probably should not try to quit cold turkey. Human willpower is finite and fragile, considering it originates from an overworked and easily distracted part of the brain.
10/06/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Kamazhi
oh god migraine

Yeah. And as someone who also went through this, be careful of falling off the bandwagon. I'd quit drinking soda for a good 8 months now, but last weekend I drank a 2 liter of Mt. Dew. (Not in one sitting, over the weekend) I had a migraine for 2 days afterwards.

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