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Hi everyone,

I received plenty of guild invitations. And I do really want to join one of them too. But do I need to always show up?
Hi everyone,

I received plenty of guild invitations. And I do really want to join one of them too. But do I need to always show up?

I'm not sure I understand the question. Guild invitations are invitations to become a part of the guild. You don't have to actually go anywhere to join. Whether you choose to do things with your guild is up to you.
10/03/2012 06:01 AMPosted by Hishe
I received plenty of guild invitations. And I do really want to join one of them too. But do I need to always show up?

There's no guild "meeting place" or anything like that.

Guilds are essentially a group of players who are willing to share items, knowledge, and accompany each other if needed when doing in-game activities. Guilds get their own in-game chat channel that only members of the guild can see to make communicating with guild members easier.

Now, some guilds will set up guild events, particularly Roleplay-centric guilds and team-centric guilds. But unless you are on the team that's meeting or you wish to participate in the roleplay activities, you don't have to log in & meet up in-game.

Team-centric guilds are mostly end-game only affairs and they recruit members to their guild to fulfill roles on their teams or serve as floaters for backup in case a regular member from any team can't make an event. These teams can be for PvP (arenas and rated battlegrounds) or for raids (end-game PvE content).

Roleplay Guilds often will have in-game events where players have their characters meet in-game to continue their roleplay story. There maybe several roleplay stories going on within a guild, some will be intertwined and others may be entirely independant. Roleplay is kinda like an in-game soap opera or ongoing improv play between the participants where the characters are the "roles" everyone plays. People who participate behave in-game as if the game world is real and their characters are reacting to it as if it's real, remaining in-character as much as possible when logged in. They make up backstories and personality quirks that fit with the lore of the game, and try to portray their characters according to what they've laid out.

However, there are many guilds that do not participate in any of these types of activities. There are guilds that solely exist for the perks, for the easy access to a communal sharing pile (the guild bank), and for typical socializing with other players. If you just want people to talk to about whatever while in-game and a communal sharing & camaraderie, then you'll probably to best with a social guild or a leveling guild.

Social guilds are just there for the communal benefits and for the socialization. They'll still help each other when needed if they can, but the various players will typically run solo most of the time. They are often quite small (50 players or less) and dubbed "friends and family guilds" because everyone typically knows each other from past guilds, or is a coworker, real-life friend, or family-member of someone in the guild. Social guilds generally don't recruit, BUT if you make friends with a member and they think you're cool and friendly, you may get an invite to join. Because these guilds are quite small, if a core member stops playing their guild characters for some reason, the guild may falter if another core member doesn't step up and keep it together.

Leveling guilds are more of a group/hands on approach with each other. There's often a few veteran players who escort and teach the newbies, help them level, and encourage grouping up with guildies for dungeons and such things. They often want to help people level as quickly as possible. This is because many leveling guilds have sister Raiding guilds that they serve as "proving grounds" for raiding recruits.

Leveling guilds tend to be quite large, and some get so big and heavy handed with their solicitation of new members that the helping and leveling assistance aspect kinda falls apart. If you want to get into raiding, and like tackling things with a group of other players, then a leveling guild might be for you. But make sure you get one that still is true to it's roots and hasn't become a catch-all guild of complete strangers who never talk or help each other.

If you join a guild and find out it's not for you, then you can leave the guild at any time by just typing /gquit into the chat box. Try to leave on good terms and tell the guild leader or an officer why you're leaving, don't go out in a "blaze of glory" if you can help it. You never know when other members of that guild may end up in a guild with you again.
Great info ... Thanks Avanna ...
10/03/2012 06:01 AMPosted by Hishe
But do I need to always show up?

that's entirely between you and the guild.

in most cases the non-endgame characters have no obligations. downfall is the ammount of guild activities is limited.

while I bean my guild career through a random goldshire invite, it's nice to find a guild that's a little more than a macrospam invite levelup-to-sell guild.
Great information! thank you! ^_^
You never have to show up but it can be beneficial i you do dungeons and raids with guildies you can earn guild rewards and guild perks
Your post was most helpful. I have been playing for awhile and finally decided to join a guild, but was not well informed. My next step is to interact with the members of the since I have been understanding the WOW much better, Many thank Mandorian

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