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Hi all after recently choosing this guy to be my main for the expansion and hitting 90 I figured out I'm not to big of a fan of ret at least in its current state and am looking for something new I enjoy tanking but from what I have seen prot has no
(Sorry accidentally posted to early) place in pvp so I decided I am going to try out holy but I have never played holy before or any healer for that matter is there any guides for starting out all I have been able to find is guides for players who have been playing holy for years and se of the information is just Greek to me and having zero holy gear how should I go about acquiring even some basic gear to get started into learning this spec
I hate support with a passion, so I can't give any pointers there. But I think the main point is to keep your mates alive and cleansed and buffed.

Questing gives plenty of gear for all three specs. Or buy it on the AH.

Gear should be pretty obvious..

Gear should be pretty obvious..

Thanks alot for the guide do you know where I could find a pvp one to? (EDIT) Nevermind I looked around the site more haha sorry

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