Art of War

Emerald Dream
it's obvious the rules for engagement on player from the opposite fraction is left to the individual and there are many different types of players.

so this is more of a statement to make people who don't consider other's aware that there actions will reflect on how they do other things as well and evidently create sadistic ways of thought.

Basically setup some boundaries for yourself not to continuously attack people after they return to there corpse. War is a big part of this world but the reasoning behind a slaughter is just crossing the line.

You don't get to choose the end result but you do get to decide which path you head down with each decision you make.

I've avoided the wow forum's since from what people call the vanilla era but waiting for the server to come online and having 2 encounters while questing where the individual's felt the need to keep attacking. Killing someone 3 times should be enough to reclaim your defeat or give yourself victory. After that point it's just pointless, don't even think the person would put up a fight.

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