The Secrets of Guo-Lai is bugged!

Bug Report
There is no quest-turn in NPC, but the quest shows up on the map, at the Golden Pagoda, Many others are having the same problem, thanks!
This is the same on the Arathor Server as well, I can not turn in the quest because the NPC for turn in is not at the Golden Pagoda.
Same problem here.
Same on Shadow Council
Yeah still is bugged :C
Update: I found Leven Dawnblade (the quest turn-in NPC) at the Setting Sun Garrison, however, you still CANNOT turn in the quest to him.
Same on Goldrinn.
Same problem here.
The NPC shows up the next day.
Korgath Horde unable to turn this in.
Looks like Seiryu is correct, when the quests reset, Leven returns for the turn in... but this is quite lame.
Even if this is true, the quest is still bugged.
Aggramar checking in saying that we're having the same issue. Question mark shows up on the mini-map, but Leven isn't there to turn the quest in.
Same Prob here this is really getting old, this is the 2nd quest from the NPC that has been bugged out..
I am having the same issue here, but i have recently found out that if you group with someone on another server that is level 90 in pandaria (doesnt have to be at Golden Pagoda just in pandaria) and not on the same quest, that it will phase you out and you will see him aprear and be able to turn the quest in. this is rather annoying finding someone to do this for me. Blizz please fix this phasing issue as i would like to just do my dailys to open up the Shado-Pan it's hard enough to get to Revered for them to open.
Reporting this.

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