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I was going to post this in a different thread but it kind of went off on a tangent unrelated to what was being talking about there so I thought I'd make its own thread.

I was thinking, just looking at the world map and the globe during the legendary quest line, that Pandaria is huge but looks a lot smaller than the other continents. I thought it would be interesting to have a sort of step by step update to the older continents. Below is just a very rough example I came up with. It could use some tweaking, and I put some potential hiccups to implementing this later on.

1. Create a new version of the lower Eastern Kingdoms for one expansion, all phased for high level content. In my mind this would be roughly the same size as Pandaria if you were traveling around it.

2. Make this phased southern Eastern Kingdoms the content of the expansion. For example, the 90-95 content for a Legion Expansion which culminates in the Blasted Lands questing zone.

3. In a future expansion, give the northern Eastern Kingdoms the same treatment and combine the two phased sub-continents so there is no traveling between phases from 90-100.

4. At this point they have a fully redone Eastern Kingdoms. They could start converting the quests for leveling 1-60 to this new area, each zone phased for their level.

Some hiccups I see with this is that a level 90+ would have trouble going back to do low level content. This could be fixed with a toggle or adding a feature where joining a party with a member in a low level phase will put you in the same phase as him or her

Another problem could be the amount of time it takes to get from place to place at low level where travel is much slower. This could be fixed by adding more transport that takes you to a place quickly, a tweaked version of the Silverpine quests for example.

A major problem may be running into the same problem they ran into for Cataclysm. That is, they put a lot of time in low level content that most people didn't care about going through. If they staggered the implementation of these conversions from the old continent to large continent then it might make it less time consuming for that specific aspect. For example, they could focus only on the southern Eastern Kingdoms instead of adding every quest for the whole continent.

I started rambling on so I'm sorry for that, but to tie this into the story I really enjoy the lore of Azeroth, more than Outlands or what may lie beyond. Thinking up ways to bring the story to these older continents and make them new enough to not feel rehashed is a big deal for me.
No, we need to leave most of the old continents alone, at least as far as level. The plaguelands need to heal, Quel'thalas rebuilt and that kind of thing, but we need to keep expanding for higher level content.

Eventually we are going to have to face the Legion again, and I hope to whatever god you care to name that it doesn't happen in Lordaeron. They're filling in the map of Azeroth, I think we'll have another outland type place next. Maybe even a world the titans are just beginning to craft. Honestly I have no clue what they'll do, but it's a lot easier to create new stuff rather than divide levels and redo continents. Besides, what level 95 would want to fight in the Eastern Kingdoms AGAIN?
I am sure the Forsaken player would be flattered that they would have two expansion dedicated to them. But to be honest, no one wanst antoher cataclsym expansion.

For any new levels I would rather quest in someplace new, thank you very much.
Agreed, we've all seen enough of the old continents. As for new content, there's still the undersea realms around the Maelstrom to explore.
I begged and pleaded for a reason to return to Teldrassil and Ashenvale for so many years, and then we got Cataclysm.

It's not worth it if they're going to sacrifice a new world to go to, as much as I love nostalgia.

If they do this in content patches, then that would rock. It's what I thought they had planned all along reading the box and the website back in 2004, that new 5 mans and new quest lines were going to constantly be worked on and released every few months that let us feel like we were in a living world.

It would be cool to see both, but Blizzard only has so many devs that share in their appreciation for color and style.
While this'd be great, your idea isn't the right way of doing it. You didn't even mention Kalimdor in the thread about the old continentS: plural.

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