blacked out parts of screen/items any help?

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I've just come back to WoW and noticed that upon getting into the game i am getting black features. for example other characters are all black, my quest log is blacked out. Items either do not display, are blacked out or have the wrong image in place. My Skill bar will also go all black when i open my map which seems to be also bugged out.

Any idea what this could be? I can run GW2, CoD and any other of the games i have on my computer with absolutely no issues. my initial thought was maybe it could be my graphics card however all my other games work with no issues.

Please help as this is making the game unplayable.
i would recomend deleting your wtf folder then opening the game again that solves most of my problems
my graphics card is an ati radeon 5570HD could this be the issue?
deleting WTF file didn't work unfortunately
One other thing you can try is running the game in DirectX 9. This is done under the Advanced options menu. It can also be done through the launcher game options
so far running as DirectX9 is working. Thank you.
Running DirectX9 fixed all the problems I was having. Thank you for your posts!

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