What is up with Master Pet Tamer pets?

Pet Battles
Why is it that lower level battle pets being used by Master Pet Tamers, are able to use level 20 abilities? How does this make any sense? Yeah, they are "Master" Pet Tamers, but that still should not mean that their lower level pets can use abilities that our same level (or lower) pets can not.

If that's the case, then give OUR pets the ability to use level 20 abilities when we fight THEM!

What's up with Master pets having unique and cooler models (supremus in felwood) and also having higher crit, speed, dodge, accuracy and base attack power than rares of of higher level?

It's one thing to require strong pets to beat strong pets, another thing entirely to require 10 pets at level 25 to cover all the possibilities, and still have to level more to exploit the weaknesses of a certain trainer.

If someone finds the 10 pets that can be levelled together to beat each trainer as you progress (IE: doesn't matter at low levels, higher need stuns, blocks, elemental weakness exploiting teams etc) then give me a buzz, these pandas are killing me.

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