Scroll of Resurrection Issue.

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I had not played WoW since before battlenet. I am currently stayed with my cousin and we were talking about how things have changed since I last played so decided I might take a look, and he sent me a scroll of resurrection yesterday.

I merged my old WoW account with my battlenet account, which i had created for Diablo 3.

I had selected this character to be moved to his server etc, but each time i attempt to log into the game, it tells I do not have a WoW account on the battlenet account I am trying to log in with, but yet when i log into battlenet, it displays my WoW account.

I am hoping to get in and play the 7 day trial to see if i want to get back into it or not.

he should of mentioned that it is happening on his PC and on mine and I use mine without an issue.
any pointers?

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