Question for mistweavers

How are you lvling outside of dungeons?DO things die fast? or do you change spec?
It was rougher in the first 35 levels, especially without heirloom gear and a decent array of abilities. Easy going now though, even without heirloom gear.

Funny thing is that in a halfway decent mix of caster gear you can spam Jade Lightning channels and do more DPS than our melee does, and get the heal return benefits still. Sometimes I get tired of the console-game twitchy jab/melee button mashing & go "Shadow Priest / Atonement Priest" caster style. Works good in instance groups also, instead of close combat "Fistweaving". Just throw a couple of HoTs on tank and then go Jade Lightning DPS/Heal casting, using a macro that targets his target for the cast.

To much trouble to dual-spec as Mistweaver, due to the melee-stat (AGL) gear requirements.
I'm not exactly sure how fast things die compared to other specs my level range (36 atm), but I feel like if im not on par with them, the difference isnt that much. It's fun though. I can take a second or two and channel a soothing mist and pop some surging mist to build my chi up all the way, so I enter the next fight FULLOFCHI. Also... HIYAAAAH!
starts out even in the early levels but by the time you are 85+ the kill times are 3 times as long as WW kill times. DO NOT QUEST AS MISTWEAVER. I did MoP in around 1 day game time or less, had i leveled as MW in MoP im pretty sure it would have been closer to 2 days.
MW is pretty terrible in MoP for leveling, but they are very faceroll, as in you can get as many mobs as you want and no worry of dying before they die pretty much. i mostly just do dungeons cause it's more fun to me than questing, but i do usually have time to do a quest or two between queues and i do them as MW. Not fast but im lazy :p
Yeah you can quest as mistweave fairly easily. It is far easier to go brewmaster for questing since you can face-pull tons of mobs at once and kill them pretty fast. Oddly enough the tank spec is faster at lvling then the dps spec as well almost all the way up to 80.
I haven't noticed much difference yet. It's slightly slower than the other two single target, but by god SCK is insane. I just grab whatever and spin, spin, spin.
Mist is ok, but Breemaster is where it's at for leveling IMO. I try to grab no less than 5 mobs every pull.
I've been mostly doing dungeons, but I do occasionally quest, and honestly, things die relatively quick. You can round up a good dozen mobs and just mow them down with SCK, or you can go for a 1v1 approach which is just as effective with Chi Wave.

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