Multiple WoWs Open? Not Responding?

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so im getting sick of illidan and the constant 2000+ people in queue, so i decided to RAS (refer-a-self) and doink around on a couple lowbie toons, and farm bgs at lvl 19, but it turns out i cant?????????? i try opening 2 wows, everything goes dandy, right up until login, and i double click my char, and the screen goes black, thats it, no loading bar no nothing, and thats the end of story. but on ILLIDAN after waiting 3 hours in queue, it loads just fine, black-mail-server or.. what? and how to fix? D:
It sounds like your computer cannot handle running two instances of WoW at once.

You may want to end over to Tech Support to see what is holding you back from dual-boxing.

Or, check out for suggestions.
was an addon problem D: ive run 6 wows on this computer before it showed signs of overheating

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