Hunter self-healing

I've heard hunters have pretty good self-healing now, but I'm not sure where it is on my Hunter. I know I could spec into exhilaration, so that's one 30% heal every 2 minutes. Spirit Beasts have always had spirit-mend.

So, what else is there for a BM Hunter? I haven't specced into exhilaration, though I probably will soon, and I don't have a spirit beast. I just ask because I just started leveling my 85 Hunter and it doesn't seem like he's even regenerating HP at all. I basically just get slowly whittled down by errant attacks from NPC's; at about 1 errant hit every time I get jumped with absolutely no health regen I eventually end up dying, and it's kinda annoying.
Pets seem to have had their auto health regen taken out, and when summoned will start at the same health they had as when they were dismissed. You pretty much just have to keep Mend Pet up at all times when you're killing anything.

Spirit Beast heals are pretty decent now. A lot of people are running with 4 or 5 Spirit Beasts, then using Stampede for one giant heal via 5 spirit mends. Stack that with Glyph of Animal Bond or whatever it's called, and you've gotten from 5% to 100% in what is essentially a single heal. Exhilaration is alright, but I prefer Spirit Bond, but it's really up to you.

I wouldn't call any of these "good" self healing, especially since Stampede is a five minute cooldown, but it's decent. Certainly a lot better than we had.
Hunter players are garbage.
-edit- Didn't even realise it was a necro by ^^^
You really had to necro a 3 year old thread just to post pointless tripe like that?
Id say he's in the recovery process of getting destroyed left and right by hunters

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