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With this new Kung Fu'esque atmosphere since MoP release, started wondering how many players actually study martial arts in real life? Have you ever studied any style seriously, be it boxing, tae kwon do, karate, kendo, aikido, ninjutsu, muay thai, capoeira, silat, hapkido, judo, etc? If so, what have you studied, for how long, and what school? Why did you stop?

Personally, I've studied Taekwondo, Boxing, and am currently studying Ninpo/Ninjutsu.
i have numb chuck skills
Was in TKD for a couple years, moved and quit. Same thing with grappling and jujitsu classes. Was going to do some MMA but went with Football instead... which I also quit due to a bad break in my foot.

I actually have a black in Tang Soo Do. However that was years ago. I'm depressingly out of practice.
I am a long term practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi Chuan.

edited to point out that the mistweaver monks intro healing spell (the one they use until level 30 something) uses an animation that looks like a version of the Tai Chi Chuan posture "single whip," which resembles the look of someone carrying a whip of bamboo over their shoulder.
muay tai, boxing and jewishjetsu
10/03/2012 05:14 PMPosted by Kendamd
i have numb chuck skills

I'm pretty good with a bo staff.
Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Tien Shan Pai Kuoshu. Back in the day. Now I just practice Ruger-Fu.
I took tae kwon do in middle school. Ended up getting brown belt before I stopped. I stopped because tkd was my afterschool activity that happened on school grounds. Kind of difficult since I was moving on to high school, and was a bit more work to get to an adult class in the evenings. Was already getting home 4 or 4:30, depending on the year, from school in high school and didn't want to suit up a couple hours later. I missed it, but at same time was glad I didn't do it. I do miss it from time to time. But I'd be so horribly out of practice by time I went back now I'd really have to do too much work to get back up to brown. Though I do remember a lot of the belt moves we were required to learn.
10/03/2012 05:14 PMPosted by Kendamd
i have numb chuck skills

How did you get acquire these skills to numb Chuck?
10/03/2012 05:24 PMPosted by Erondy
Now I just practice Ruger-Fu.

Sounds a lot like Sig Sauer style.
Going on 6 years of ju-jutsu.

And in 6 years I'm not sure what the proper spelling is.
I had a friend who taught tae kwon do in my old hometown.

I could still beat him in a fight with my spoon fu.
I've dabbled in stuff: A little kung fu, some krav maga, and once in a blue moon I'll roll with some friends on the weekend. Nothing with serious intensity though; I wouldn't say that I have anything resembling skill in anything that I've trained in.
Tai chi, mantis kung fu, foil fencing, and yoga.

'Though my personal style tends to lean toward hide-behind-hands-not-in-the-face fu.
I've mastered the Ancient Art of The Bendy Straw, does that count?
Uh... does fight choreography count?
i took kickboxing and jiujitsu and even took a few classes taught by Royce Gracie. i only was able to do it for about 2 years before i had to quit because of how pricey it was

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