Where do they sell catacylsmic pvp armor ?

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im in hall of legends and they dont sell it, i think they moved cause i was there the other day and i really wanted to buy it now, i actually cant see the guy at all, i can see the other guys though...
They've moved all the honor, conquest, valor and justice gear vendors to Pandaria.
Justice can still be had outside of Pandyland (SW) Honor cannot though.
I believe the Cata PvP sets were removed from the game when they moved the PvP vendors to Pandaria with the start of the new PvP season.
Correct, the season 11 ruthless and cataclysmic armor sets have been removed from the game. The season 9 vicious armor set is still available. Hopefully they bring those armor sets back.
If you complaints or suggestions for the game then post on general discussion. Otherwise there is no reason to necro posts in the NEW PLAYER forum just to whine. Blizzard takes suggestions from the forums, but probably not from people who break forum rules.
11/26/2012 04:49 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Unfortunately, due to some issues, the inclusion of the Season 11 items will need to be delayed, possibly until patch 5.2.

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