why dont blizzard just do us all a favour

state they hate the hunter class and delete it

i thought that when i tried the beta maybe this xpac would be the hunters turn to shine guess i was wrong i know that during the end of cata hunters were doing ok and i dont mind that warlocks got a buff this time around as they have had it pretty crap until now

but honestly outside of BM hunters suck i have 3 new core abilitys 2 of which i cant use in pve cos of there effects (power shot and stampede) if you wondering why, power shot any trash pack and watch your tank rage at you and stampede if they dont despawn b4 the target is dead see them run off and agro summit else its a flippin joke

i read a post by blizz saying that they needed to nerf multi shot because it was to easy for hunters to pull huge numbers just by spamming that one ability fair enough i thought it was kinda retarded any way but they didnt just nerf it they destroyed it now im lucky if i see a 10k crit on any target using it but i figured our single target would still be ok ....! WRONG

remember the old bench mark if the tank out dps's you , you were doing summit wrong well i guess im doing summit wrong then cos tanks are kicking my !@# all over the place

people are obviously gonna look at me on armory and repost " your gear sux" or " go BM" answer i know my gear sux and as for BM why the hell should i, I have been MM since i started playing i dont like bm outside of pvp and even then im not 100% comfortable with it

i guess somewhere down the line blizz will fix MM hunters and bring us on par with the other 2 specs and thats fine

though in general hunters will be behind all other classes in game pve/pvp

i will leave one last thing i read a post on the eu forum from a hunter complaining about other classes having instant 1shot abilitys like pyroblast and incinerate execute $%^- like that and some smart *!@ non hunter replies huntesr are not supossed to 1 shot ppl they global them them which i thought was kinda funny

oh well let the raging begin
10/03/2012 10:05 PMPosted by Ugotstuck
This game does hate hunters, im in full heroic gear and i can keep up but i cant beat them. I am rolling markmans at the moment and it does decent damage, but you must work your butt off. I want to go back to being the hunter everyone knows and wants in the group. Now its like eh its a hunter.

I wouldn't say that Blizzard hates us, but I do feel that they see us as second class citizens. They broke our disengage for the sake of warriors, we got shafted in the Glyph department, our DPS is the bottom of the barrel as a pure DPS class, and, mark my words, BM's burst will be nerfed in a coming patch.

Is BM OP in the Burst department at the moment? No. Our Burst is high, but it is 10 seconds of high burst that is easily counter-able, but since people are crying on the forums, it will be nerfed.

So, like I said, they don't hate us, we're just the red headed step child that only gets the left overs and broken toys.

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