Adagon's Sarcastic Yet Effective Boss Guides

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Why hello there. I'm Adagon from Blackrock-US, in the guild OMG IM PROCCING.

So I'll be releasing a set of funny to view, effective boss guides for the community and i hope you like it.

In order for these guides to be effective you need to:
-Have a somewhat basic grasp of the fight
-Sense of humor
-Use your brain
-Understand that in all my guides, "Bob" is your raid leader

I hope you enjoy:

Mogu'Shan Vaults:
-The Stone Guard:
-Feng the Accursed: Coming soon
-Gara'jal the Spiritbender:Coming soon
-The Spirit Kings:Coming soon
Elegon:Coming soon
Will of the Emperor: Coming soon

Here's a video of obama jammin to make you happy:

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