Holy/Shadow Priest PVP for the novice players

i got 2k rating last season in rbg using this method of gear choices gems and enchants which gained me the vicious war wolf and the champion title. i'm not too hardcore but i think i know enough about my class to give advice on current pvp situation that works best from my personnal experience.

i have spent countless gold reforging and switching gems to better my toon for pvp purposes so this is my conclusion.

Holy the recommended pvp choices this season why? because the stats are similar to shadow offspec and can be use if a dps switch is needed.

Holy gear choices

Gears: satin helm
mooncloth shoulders chest pants and gloves

Accessories: alacrity: boots and necklace cruelty: belt and ring and meditation ring with prowess bracer trinket: i prefer tenacity and insignia over badge of conquest for both holy/shadow usage

must have 2 cloaks: cloak of diffusion (shadow) and cloak of prowess (Holy)

Gems: red go willful yellow go mystic blue go steady and meta go burning. (do not forgo resil for intel gems) not recommended as a priest whether you are playing shadow or holy. works very well for both spec and will mitigate squishyness and output pressure damage.

Reforging: reforge only the belt pants shoe and 1 ring and do not bother reforging anything that already comes with spirit on it (do not touch) for the belt reforge crit into haste, pants reforge crit into mastery shoes reforge crit into mastery and cruelty ring reforge crit into haste. weapons main hand should be either spellblade or gavel and offhand should be endgame with the windsong and intel enchant. do not reforge the crit on these 2 weapons into any other stats just leave it as is.

enchants: if you have tailoring (i currently am) use the intel proc one for the diffusion one as shadow and the spirit proc one as holy for the prowness one without tailor use the normal intel enchant

bracer do not enchant intellect instead enchant haste gloves go with mastery and boots go with the slight movement and mastery ( do not take the mastery one by itself) mobility is important when you're not in sanctum mode and for chest take the resillence enchant followed by the intel/spirit enchants for pants (do not pick up the intel/stam one)

Most priest will take the full set of meditaion gears for healing but i have found that the gears i mention above are mostly used by shadow priest and perhaps more preferable however it has worked very well with holy from own testing. the meditation set is also good if you plan to play disc as your offspec instead of shadow. disc rely's too heavily on spirit because of mana issues as oppose to holy. holy works well with both spirit and haste set but the haste set will not work well with disc from my own experience in pvp and i'll tell you why...

stat priorities:

all 3 spec need resil (the more the better) to counter damage against casters and melee/range who would instead gem all out sockets with str/intel/agil to boost dmg. casters melee and range can sacrifice resil sockets and do well with what already comes with gears to burst down their opponent. with the above mention gem choices i have given will allow your class to counter the damage burst and if not survive longer than usual against melee trains.

shadow: haste/mastery crit being very last on priority
holy: mastery/haste/crit (spirit) being useful but not important
disc: crit/mastery/haste (spirit) being dependant because of the high cost of spells and to keep those bubbles and fh casted while under pressure

disc uses borrow time to get their flash heals out and holy uses haste as a 2nd choice to get their flash heals out while for the most part serenity and renew is more than sufficient.

so do you see why the haste set can benefit both shadow and holy players vs the meditation set benefits the disc and holy style of players but will not work well with shadow.

currently in mop the mooncloth set offers 3.9k of free resil as a bonus and the 2nd tier which procs 50% bonus to flash heals and serenity if mending is cast is far better for all 3 spec in my opinion then the satin which only benefits shadow priest from dispersion.

my conclusion: more resil from our set indicates that our class is heavily dependant on resil for survival like spirit to a healthy mana pool.

our class offer the stamina buff so more stam from the steady gem will allow us to live out longer against more stun/silence and intterupt durations but it will only work if resil has hit it's plateau. resil will render burst damage useless if stacked correctly and is highly vital to priest and should not be underminded at all.

currently too many classes have dispel at their disposal so it renders disc very vulnerable and weak with the mana issues link to bubble and spirit shell tho very strong can be dispell as well. echo of light from holy is very powerful if haste and mastery has reached it's plateau and comes with every spell that does healing. in most situation serenity and renew is all thats needed to keep me topped off with the occational mending and is very mana cost friendly so this is one of the reason i think holy will very strong compared to disc for mist of pandaria.

if plateaus are met it will take more than 3 to kill you!

oh glyph choice must have imo

glyph of fade 10% damage reduction
glyph of inner fire 50% armor boost
glyph of inner sanctum spell damage reduction by 6% and walking speed increased by 15%

these 3 glyphs are very good for pvp healing/survivability

glyph of renew is good but not great because the duration is cut short
glyph of mending also good but not great cause it apply to 1 charge
glyph of mass dispel good but very situational

these 3 glyph is very good for pve purposes
when dispel is on cd used on 1 person mass dispell can be used again for the group

the above mention glyph is very powerful if coupled with resil

glyph of darkbinding or vampire embrace, inner sanctum and innerfire for shadow

talents i like for pvp:

psyfiend or tendrils (i like psyfiend more) /phantasm for both holy and shadow rbg/bg mind control for arena

solace for shadow which procs insanity desperate prayer for shadow and angelic bulwark for holy (invis shield) but desperate prayer is a must have for shadow especially against mages who like to spell steal your buffs and heals and to recover from a sheep attack burst but to be honest it's very handy and if you go with what i mentioned above you will not suufer from burst damage i promise you. mind bender power infusion for holy twisted faith for shadow and i prefer cascade for both spec. i do not like spectral guise and divine star at all. i do not like the fdcl and divine insight playstyle but its also good.

some people may disagree with my choices of gems enchants and gears but these are what i took last season to get 2k rating and my rbg mount and i will continue to use this formula in mop

these information is a mixture of cataclysm/mop testing currently in play and should only be used for people who are currently clueless and should only be tried to mitigate damage or increase damage output.

quote: too much of 1 stats is not good for you so going all out will have diminishing returns.

hope the above post helps...
My friend this is quite interesting and I thank you for all the time and effort you put into it. I tried to go Holy the entire day for pvp, and I got into one conclusion: I Die Really $%&# Fast.
There's no way to survive as much as in Disc. Disc is broken right now, yeah i know it. Still I managed to go into arenas with Disc and won several rounds.

As for holy, maybe it's me but I'm just diying too fast. And I do have (basic) gear, but it should be fine as this is the start of the season.

I shall go into battle and try once more. You inspired me.

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