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So, my main has Engineering and inscription. In a few days I'll be able to make my staff via Inscription, but in order to make the engineering helm, I'm gonna need Livings Steel.

In order to get Living Steel, I need to either buy it off the auction house, or pay a ton for someone to burn their cooldown.

Am I missing something? I can make an epic staff by making my mats daily till I have enough, but in order to make my helm, I need to depend on another person to make a highly sought after mat. If I were to buy the mats, it would cost me as much as buying a BoE epic off the I confused, or is this hard on Engineers, or is it easy for Scribes?
The differnece is time.

The Scribe has to spend 20 days to make that staff unless he wants to burn tons of Harmonys.

The engineer can make it "right now" and just has to spend some gold (or have an alch) to do it.

Personally, between the two, I'd rather spend the gold. 20 days is a long time, especially when their's darkmoon cards to be made.
Living Steel has already dropped from 4k to 1.5k...assuming it even sells. Trillium Bars on the other hand (need 6 for transmute), were like 500-600 last I looked.

But Wynn nailed it, the difference is time and gold. Your engineer could have theoriticaly made that helm on day one of the expansion, while your scribe has to wait upto 20 days to make enough scrolls.

True, you have to shell out a lot of gold for the living steel, but then again, how much gold are you losing by not crafting DMF cards for next week in order to make your staff.
10/04/2012 10:55 AMPosted by Jozie
Your engineer could have theoriticaly made that helm on day one of the expansion

Exactly. I had my helmet as soon as I could get all living steel transmutes done (minus a day because of a lucky proc :D) but that's because I have alchemy as well as engineering.

I'd rather see inscription having the scrolls of wisdom NOT soulbound so people could choose to sell their scrolls (like for example if you have inscription but your class can't use staves)
Hang on, is the helm recipe for engi from discovery as well? At 559/600 and haven't found it yet.

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