Remove Shin Kick from Slateskin Troublemakers

There is literally no mechanic more annoying or frustrating in any game ever.

As someone that has to do dailies on two melee toons the quest to kill these mobs has literally made me want to quit this game all together.

You try to pull one and kill it before it start kiting you for days, but it starts it shin kicking and pulls all of his friends and in a matter of seconds you're in combat with around 20 of them and every time you try to get in melee range of one you just get shin kicked and they run away and they continue this until you just die.

Just remove shin kick or at the very least make it DR with itself so that melee can actually do something without needing to group up with other people to actually complete the quest in a reasonable amount of time.
From what I can see or at least read... there is currently a bug that means that the troublemakers aren't catching fire meaning they aren't damaged to begin with.

Currently this quest is much more difficult than it should be

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