How much longer will ques last?

This is the first time I have played at the release of an expansion, but with the que times by the time I get in the game I can generally play for like 30 minutes before I have to go to bed. I transferred here because it was impossible to do anything on my old server as it was deserted. Now im on frostmourne and I cant get into the game!

Do ques normally last well into an expansion or will they improve/clear in a couple of weeks?
Until you transfer back off.
i look like a unicorn
!@#$ right back off our server
Give it a week or two and it will have settled down a reasonable amount, the 3 hour+ queues at 6-7pm don't usually last for a long time.

This expansion release is a little different though with the staggered PVE content releases.
About 12. Maybe 8.
Thanks for the actual response radioskpup!
Please refer to the other 12 threads on this matter.
lucky i didnt transfer to frostmourne when most of my guild did back during july and august. as for the queue times you frostmourne people get what you deserve for looking down at other servers in the oceanic group. muahahahaha!

so how long do you have to wait to play? was it 4 hours or something?

0 hours with teamviewer :)
I teamviewered today but my computer crashed midday while I was at work, need to figure out how to organise wake on lan with my router...
10/04/2012 03:41 AMPosted by Iona
Please refer to the other 12 threads on this matter.

There is a heap of QQ threads about the ques, I was wondering how long this kind of thing normally last for. Im not making another thread complaining about ques im just weighing up if its worth a transfer to Gundrak. I am always amazed at how many !@#$%^-s play on frostmourne....

In the end it took around 3 hours to get in and when I did get it I had to go lol.
10/04/2012 01:40 AMPosted by Anoobus
i look like a unicorn

Yes you do.
I personally blame those 400 Alliance guilds that server transferred at the end of last expansion.
Clearly Blizzard need to upgrade the servers that have !@#$ing queues.
Use server blades that are necessary for the population they need to support.

A brand new realm doesn't need the same player capacity as Frostmourne.

I'm %^-*ing tired of paying $15 a month for 2-3 hours of queues per day.
Why not just queue in preparation of when you wish to play? either login in the morning or use a program like TeamViewer to log on a few hours before you get home, surely you have access to a computer during the day? I attend school everyday and still manage to have no queue time's when I get home

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