Back from pvp break-didn't get better at 90?

So a few months prior to 5.0 I rolled a new War,Pally, and Mage. Was having a more fun in wow than I had through all of Cata. Rouges and hunters pissed me off some, but it was managble.

Then World of Healcraft hit. We raged about OP holy shock, NERF finally came. Same with pennence. Then we realized without uber dps holy shock and pennence no one died.

The low level pvpers raged.

Endless posters came to chant "derp, balanced at 90, derp derp." "use silence, derp" "scaled to 90 low level pvp doesn't matter, derp" "pvp fun SHOULD ONLY EXIST AT 90, DERP"

So I rolled my monk and wade in... The ENTIRE opposing team were healing monks. Me and two other people pathetically bash on the flag carrying healing monk who casually casts soothing mist and laughs at us,

So i go back to the getting my mains to 90 hoping against pessimistic hope that 90 will in fact be better. Having returned to check the forums, I'm seeing this is not the case and...

It will get better towards the end, it always starts out pretty retarded no matter how "balanced" they pretend it will be. I'm waiting on my subscription to run out and then i'll wait for a little and come back
I hope your rights. Sucks we can't really enjoy pvp for months on end though... Pve gets balanced so rapidly. You would think with as large of a community pvp is... Not to mention how many casual pvpers (me) come in and get disgusted and go back to pve.

When I get bored of pve and then if pvp is still a pile of crap, I am a 1000% more unlikely to unsub.

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