<A>6/12 25M 2 Day Weekends LFM

Guild Recruitment
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  • Aerie Peak - US - PVE - PST
  • http://www.cmr-guild.com
  • 25man semi-hardcore weekend raiding
  • Saturday 6 - 10pm PST Sunday 5 - 9pm PST
  • Loot Council
  • 6/12 25 11/12 10mToES
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    <Clever Meme Reference> a two day, 8 hour, weekend raiding guild, is looking to fill a few holes to facilitate our team for our push into Mists heroic progression, both current and next tier. We are a competitive, driven guild always striving to do better with each progression boss kill. Expectations of our members are set high and they are required to always be prepared, knowledgeable of their class and any boss strats we may encounter.

    Us: We are a tight-knit group, with the majority of us playing together in the same guild for many years. We took a break during Firelands due to horrible attendance issues, and after a stent in SWTOR, returned to WoW late into DS. In just two months of 25 man raiding we progressed to 8/8H at the 25% buff. We're looking to take our momentum further into Mists. Our raid environment is serious when it needs to be ie progression, and very funny and enjoyable at all other times.

    Throughout our week we also run numerous alt runs, usually in 10man. Many of us also love to play other games like League, D3, ect.


    The ideal candidate is raid aware, competitive by nature, experienced with pushing end-game content, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn. We are an extremely fun group of people to be around and we love to joke around and have fun both in raid and outside of it. With this said, you need to also be able to be called bad over the internet, man up, and move on. This will happen. Also:

      Access to Ventrillo/have a working mic
      Near perfect attendance - We can work with you if you let us know, however
      Some past heroic experience &/or knowledge with an appropriate gear level for normal raids
      Thick skin: People are called out for their mistakes. You need to be able to handle it if it's you.

    Currently Recruiting:
    Druid -> High (Balance/Guardian)
    Mage -> High
    Paladin -> High (Prot)
    Rogue ->High
    Warrior -> High (Prot)
    Priest -> High
    Shaman -> High (Resto)
    Hunter -> High
    Monk -> Brew

    *As usual, app even if you're not on this list if you feel you'd make a strong contribution to the team.*


    If you would like to be in a hardcore minded raiding guild that pushes for progression kills with no downtime, on a very short schedule, then submit an application at: www.cmr-guild.com

    You can contact me directly via my battletag: Polite#1852 with any questions.
    hot sause
    water balloon
    dat feel
    Possibly interested in a 466 blood dk with 2h frost experience?
    We're currently stacked on DKs as two of our old ones have returned. Thanks, though!
    thrift shop
    r kelly
    p diddy
    fish bowl
    Are you all still recruiting?
    Because I'm willing to realm transfer if i can get in.

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