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So after reset i had stumbled apon one of the items for this achevment Swarming Cleaver this item should ahve given me an item in my bag and a 2 handed BoA sword. Well i had gotten the achevment but no item no sword... Anyone else having this issue?
I have had this happen as well. I found the Jinyu staff and it gave me the achievement but nothing in my inventory. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to get the staff.
I just had this happen to me. Not sure what the item was but it was about the west side of Paoquin Hollow and after carefully checking my bags I had no item. :(
Sorry to ninja this thread but it suggested I post in an already created topic. I have had this bug occur on three different occasions with the new Lost and Found type items.

1st - I looted the Pandaren Fishing Spear and was awarded the Lost and Found Achievement but no item was given to me. The item then despawned.

2nd - I looted the Ancient Jinyu Staff and was given credit towards the Finder's Keepers Achievement and was given experience points that dinged me 89. No item was given to me and the staff despawned immeadiately.

3rd - I looted Rikktik's Tick Remover and no item was given and it despawned immeadiately. I know it doesn't count towards Finder's Keeper's but it is further proof that something is bugged in the game.

I submitted a ticket after the 1st incident and had a 3+day wait. On the last day the 2nd incident occured so I added that to the ticket. I received a GM response while I was offline that basically said "I can't find evidence that the item was looted so I can't replace it." Well yes, that's what my ticket said but the game knows I looted them, it tracked them for the Acheivements and I'm sure it has a switch that shows which items were looted so that duplicates can't be picked up towards the Acheives. The GM's can look in my bags and see I don't/didn't have the items.

I have noticed the same effect when mining sometimes. The mining cast goes off but no loot window opens. I have to remine to get the ore. The problem with these items is that they immeadiately despawn once looted the first time. (Speculation: I wonder if it has something to do with auto-loot.)

On that note I have also seen suggestions that once looted the items cannot be seen again on that character when they spawn. This is where the real issue comes in. I would just try to get the items again but the game might not show them to me because it thinks I have them already.

I love this aspect of the game they added but now I hesitate to loot new items if they are only going to disappear.
this just happened to me also looted a item got achievement but the item was not in my bag when i looked
I earned the lost and found achievment. I was Fishing and in the water was the ancient jinyu staff.

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