My RAF tripple exp has stopped at 70?

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i got recruited a few days ago; and i been getting tripple xp..

I jsut realie that im not getting tripple xp frun random dungeon anymore?

I look at the experience when i que up it says 16550 when im by myself.
When im grouped up and near my partner it still says 16550 for both of us..

Anyway to fix this.. kinda explain why we been at 70 for a few hours..

Yes i tried relogging still says the same;
You are capped at 70 because this license has not been upgraded to Cataclysm yet.
wait what happen to the battlechest coming with free WOTLK?

Cause it wouldn't make sense if i had to get cata which is 80-85..

When i thought the battlechest included WOTLK now which is 1-80 so if i get cata do i get tripple xp during 80-85?

Too many expansions, too little time.

Don't mind me - I'm stuck in a timewarp.

Are you showing 0 bonus xp in your combat log?
Ill test; might be a few min before reply im in orgrimmar
Ok Tripple xp still works for questing

But doesnt work on the random dungeon que?

Maybe its a visual error?

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