Two WoW accounts, can't log into one

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I recently bought WoW a second time (through RaF, on the same bnet account) and I'm unable to log into the second account. I get no prompt asking which account I want to use, which is what is supposed to happen from what I can gather. How do I fix this? My RaF bonuses are burning away ):
Do you have game time on the second account? If you don't, it won't be in the drop down.

Is it on the same email address? If not, you need to open two clients and each will have to use the different email/password combos.
Same email address, yes. It does have game time.
Is your new account showing up on your account summary here on
It is, yes. I have WoW1 and WoW2, both MoP.
Two things you can try, the first is surgical. Open your file in your WTF folder and add/edit the lines as so -

SET accountName "yourbattlenetemail@here"
SET accountList "!WoW1|WoW2|"

The non-surgical method would be to just delete your file. This may reset some settings.

Be sure to do this with the game client completely shut down.

Then start up the game and see if you can now select an account to log into.
It's possible that your account did not correctly update on the system, Jelleh. Restart the game client and check once again.
It's working now, after I restarted my client (which is odd because I restarted it 20 or so times earlier). Thanks for all of your help!
ive done all this and even restarted my laptop. i have 3 accounts atm. i only use 1 normallya nd just RAF another which was wow 3 even paid battle chest for it and its not showing up on my login screen but it does on my battle net page.
my first account isent active and it still shows up on my dropscreen.
Skinshifter -
Please stop posting on old threads about this topic. To get help it is much more productive to make a new thread with your issue.

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