Loading screen freezes on priest toon only.

Mac Technical Support
Hey Blizz, I am having troubles logging onto my priest. I can get to the character screen, but when I click enter, the loading screen freezes at about 15%. I am able to load all of my other characters but my priest, which is my main.

I have been testing out new UI's and I thought this was the problem but I deleted all but one and still doesn't work. Again, this is only happening on my Pirest. I tried to let it sit and load but after 45 min I gave up and had to turn off my Mac.

Plz get back to me as soon as possible.

Try deleting your Cache folder and moving the WTF folder to somewhere outside of WoW and see if that works.
Fibromyalgia, your suggestion worked. One question, why? I am no computer software whizz, i'd just like to know for future reference.

Doing that to these files basically just recreates them, I believe. Gets rid of any bugs inside of them.

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