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I took a 6 month break from WoW and I'm thinking about coming back, but I want some opinions first. What do you guys think of the new expansion? Has WoW gotten better?
Yes totally worth it.
You bought a month to post.

You're already back.
MoP is cool and stuff.
I'm back after at least 6 months, and I'm having fun. I'm very casual these days, so I should be able to enjoy it for a good long time. Not sure how raiding scene or PvP is with the xpac but leveling has been a lot of fun so far.
As always, this depends on why you left and why you thought it was bad to begin with. At any rate, there's tons of stuff to do now, so it's a great time to be playing.
You bought a month to post.

You're already back.

I mainly bought a month to see what was new in 5.0, haven't decided if i want to extend it or commit to dropping $40 on MoP yet.

Thanks for all the replies! A couple questions, I'm mainly a raider so how is MoP different from Cata in that regard? And leveling as well, how is the journey from 85-90?
Yes, great time. To put it shortly: Best. Expansion. Ever.
I played through the end of BC, I played through Wrath, I played through Cata. MoP beats them all, hands down.
My verbal excitement over this expansion on my ventrilo server has brought a bunch of my old friends back to the game. I would say yes 100% give this expansion a try.
Yes, now is the perfect time to join. Everyone is still levelling or grinding and doing heroics while they are challenging and difficult.

Unless you wanna join later when everyone will be overgeared and know all fights by heart that they will probably yell at you for wiping the raid or group cause you dunno the fights... then you should start playing right now!!!

Everyone needs to play new WoW content when it's still new and fresh... not when it's over done, players are burnt out, and the majority of players expect every LFD run to go smoothly because everyone should know all the fights by now cause the new patch or expansion is several months old.
Definitely try out MoP. It's pretty cool.

But IMO, the quest lines in Kun Lai Summit with those dirty/midget/yeti-dwarf thingies is way boring. Blizz could've done better with these quests.
i just came back from a 4 month vacation i didn't like most of the changes at first but i love it now. so totally worth coming back
10/04/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Vikala
I took a 6 month break from WoW and I'm thinking about coming back, but I want some opinions first. What do you guys think of the new expansion? Has WoW gotten better?

No. I would not say to come back I myself just bought mop to see how it was... same exact thing as it was before.

Unskilled mind-numbing grinding for quests to level now they added same to get gear. true at lease people are not full epics yet, but making people grind hours and hours of rep to get items is not the way of slowing down purple fever.

Instances still afk easy for real if your healing throw a hot on tank tab out tell hot is over tab back in renew finish instance on follow.

but depends on what you like if you like new flashy things that don't really effect game play but look cool come back if you want some thing to be any more changing then afk mode don't. least imo.

i however am not fully leveled didn't even make it to 86 did about 7 quests and both the starter instances so might get better but 1st impressions highly lacking any thing better then craptaclysm
I don't know about all the other stuff, but the pet collecting/fighting thing has been keeping me busy. You don't even need the expansion for most of that.
I used this expansion time as an excuse to break out of old habits and try a new (for me) class: warlock. Last time I tried one was back in 2005, so they're a lot different now. Mostly, for the last 6+ years, I've played rogue, hunter, priest, paladin and DK. So playing a warlock is, for me, almost like playing a new game.

They've done a great job revamping the old instances. Most people I've been leveling with seem to be having a good time. And even as dps I'm getting into instances in 1-3 minutes -- I guess there's a lot of monk tanks and monk healers out there leveling from scratch, since I'm usually in groups that are all pandas except for me (plus the occasional blood elf).

Anyway, the game seems solid. I've played at cap in each of wow's previous eras (classic, tbc, lk, cata) and the game seems as alive as ever these days. There's a lot of nice conveniences, too, like automatically getting your new abilities as you level.

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