Valor -> Conquest?

Does anyone know if we're still able to convert Valor Points into Conquest Points? If so, where's the vendor at? I've checked both the PvP vendors and the JP/VP vendors in Townlong, and neither have the ability. I've also checked Stormwind, but that doesn't have it either. If anyone knows, please do me the honor and tell me. It'd be appreciated. I've got like 1k VP that I'm not even going to use, since I rarely PvE, so I'd like to exchange it for Conquest Points. Ugh.
We are not. Blizzard has not indicated why not, though the Honor/Heroic gear thing may suggest they want to avoid the same problem.

Of course this doesn't address how it leaves anyone who can't run Arenas or Rateds wanting, as the BG grind for Conq points is atrociously slow. But they've not commented on that either.
perhaps once more people have access to ALL of the valor point gear from reputation, they may consider bringing back the Valor to Conquest conversion so people aren't all spending their valor points on pvp gear to get an edge in raids.
10/04/2012 01:07 PMPosted by Kibethe
anyone who can't run Arenas

Why can't some people run arenas? Takes up much less time than random bgs
From memory wasn't it like this in the beginning of cata?

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