Future nerfs from PvP to PvE cataclysm 2.0

So, i was reading all the QQ in the arena forums about warriors but all i saw was noob pvp players being raped in burst complaining for a nerf, no one notices that we (the warrior players) have been playing againts lots of nerfs since cata, like we improve our skill and movility a lot and now that warriors have his stuff back some call for a nerf (Dks crying? try blood spec 500k absorb shields ftw), and now that reckful is playing warrior, im pretty sure this month i will see a lot of QQ post quoting videos from his stream.

So as always GC will hear those crying bastards and will nerf us so hard, i see like avatar dmg reduced and cc inmunity removed, dragons roar dmg reduced and stun removed, charge sharing cd with heroic leap and i dont know whats next.

if something of this happens, in the pve scene i can say we need a buff (20% less hp in boss is almost all our dmg tbh). avatar is only useful in burst fights so a damage nerf will cause this skill to be useless forever, dragon roar its like 5% of our dmg in fights a nerf to it will make us move to shockwave or bladestorm, and the movility help us a lot in some boss mechanics, a nerf to it means less time dpsing the target, i dont want to reroll to another class because my damage and movility is just bad in PvE.

TL:DR, PvP its ok don't touch it, PvE we need some sustained dmg buff (before 20% hp on boss), Remember cata is gone now warriors are fun again (not something laughable and useless).

(btw sry for my grammar :P)

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