Looking to transfer.

Interested in Transfering my rogue over here. But have a few questions. How is the Alliance ratio over here? Easy to grab high rated player for rbgs/arenas? Any info would be great. Thanls
I'm not sure about the rbgs/arenas on ally side, but the ratio is about 12:1 in alliance favor.
Thanks for the quick reply. IF anyone has info on the Arena/RBG status any info would great. I know you can cross server RBG but I just got back since mop after taking a year break. So lost most of my Real ID RBG groups.
There are always Rated BG pugs on alliance side. I'm sure you could get above 2k-2.2k rated without needing a guild or group.

And we are on an iffy BG group with loads of win traders. But its far better than stormstrike. But finding arena teams isn't hard most of Shadowburn is Sargeras Alliance anyway. and Arena Ques arn't to bad either.
Thanks for the reply.

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