466/467 ilevel Fire/Arcane Mage LFG

Guild Recruitment
Hello! Fire/Arcane (frost if need be) mage looking for a semi-hardcore guild! I have been raiding since molten core and have seen every raid up to MoP. I've raided on both horde and alliance and I have many server firsts under my belt. I took a break from the game around the time of Dragon Soul but still managed to complete it and a couple heroic fights before I left. I came back wanting to raid for MoP but the current guild I am in is completely full at this time. What I am looking for:

-Competitive guild with friendly people and a good focus on progression
-Raids anywhere from 3-4 days a week
-Spot that is immediately available

I would prefer a horde guild but I am not opposed to alliance if the guild is a good fit. Either 10 or 25 man is fine with me as well. What I can offer:

-Can transfer right away and will be raid ready immediately
-Will spec/talent for whatever the guild needs and with whatever will help out the most
-Tons of alts are available for possible transfer as well
-Always come prepared with all pots/flasks/consumables
-90-100% attendance
-Active in all non-raid activities to help others out including myself (Heroics, PvP, etc.)
-Constantly studying my class and all raid encounters to always be on top of my game
-Consistent high DPS throughout all my years of raiding

I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this and if this interests anyone out there please drop a post! Thanks for your time!
Hey Doggy,

You should hit me up on real-id (sethgardner119@gmail.com) so we can talk about US #21 guild Team Malice. Currently we have an immediate opening for an exceptional mage and based on your post, I think we would be a good fit for you! Below is some general information about team malice and I hope to hear from you soon.

Website: http://www.maliceguild.com/
Raid Times: Sun-Thur 8-12 EST
Server: Zul'Jin
Faction: Horde
Real-ID: sethgardner119@gmail.com


Rab of Team Malice
Hey there,

Here is the quick info.

For More Information about the application process visit: http://www.ZugLife.com
Zug Life is probably the oldest guild on Cho'gall; we're currently enjoying our 6th year together (2/14/06 - Yes, Valentines Day). We finished tier 13 ranked US 148 and World 452 for 25 man raiding. That said, you probably haven't heard of us and we like it that way.

We raid Weds, Thurs, Sun from 8:30-11:00 server time (CST).

Given our very short raid week (7.5 hours), we focus on efficiency and making the most out of our raid time. With only 2 out of the 3 night being required.

Although we do not race other guilds in progression we always have, and will continue to, progress very well for the hours we commit to it. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please check out our website at :http://www.ZugLife.com There's a pretty good "About Us" post in the Apps forum as well as a post that explains how to PM your app to the officers.

Also, feel free to contact Caneshealer, Myself or any Zug Life member if you have additional questions.

We are currently in need of a couple more dps to round out our 25 man group and we currently have only 1 mage and need more range dps.

My BattleTag: Jitmo#1463
Hello there Doggy!

Server: Stormrage
Faction: Alliance
Format: 10man Hardcore Raiding
Timezone: Eastern (EST)
Progression Raid Times: Mon-Thurs 8-11 EST.
Recruiting: 1 Ranged DPS whose able to play all of their classes spec's to the fullest.

Recently formed at the end of T12, MVP is an extremely laid-back guild driven by raiders who love to see, experience and conquer hardmode encounters as soon as they are available. After a rough start with recruitment when T13 came along we were still able to push through and finish with rank 7 on our server.

For Mists of Pandaria our goal is to continue raiding at a high level and to begin climbing up the server ranks more and more as each tier progresses.

Raiding Schedule

During Mists of Pandaria we will be raiding 4 days a week starting at 8EST and going to 11EST on Monday-Thursdays. We expect all raiders to be on-time, prepared, and bringing their A-game. 100% attendance is expected (Obviously RL problems do happen and leeway will be given as long as it isn't a reoccurring issue). If you can not dedicate yourself to these times then please don't bother.

We raid a minimum of 2 days during farm times. We have our main raid, an alt raid, and a day for achievement clears in old content and RBGs. All raiders are expected to attend the scheduled events while we wait for the next tier to be released.

What can MVP offer me?

MVP can offer you much more than your standard 10man raiding guild. Our players are laid-back, drama free and all come with a sense of humor. We are a relatively quiet group of people, keeping most chit chat to in-between pulls, and loud nerd screams on progression kills. We work as a team to solve strat problems and don't have the usual yelling raid leader after every wipe.


We are currently only looking for players that are interested in a serious and permanent raiding home that will go on from Dragon Soul and into the many tiers of Mists of Pandaria. What we look for in a player:

-100% attendance maintained. (Leeway given for serious RL matters)
-Competitive without the ego or drama
-Working microphone and able to communicate on Ventrilo when needed
-Able to take criticism and make it productive
-Knowledgeable in not just their spec, but class
-Willingness to play an offspec if it's what's needed for a progression fight
-And most importantly, you are a team player


Should you be interested in a raid spot with MVP here is a list of things we will want to know and see:

-Current progression
-Previous progression
-iLvl of MS and OS (All players are required to have a playable and decently geared OS)
-Screenshot of your UI in combat

While we don't have a site or set application to fill out we prefer to get to know players a bit before we actively invite them into guild and start raiding with them. We like to go through more of a 'chat interview' either through typing in-game or talking on vent. All standard application points will be gone over, so do be prepared with answers regarding your spec, itemization, or reforging should it differ from the standard 'mainstream' options your spec goes for.

All recruitment related whispers should be directed to Ickius (Battletag: Ickius#1792). If for whatever reason we are not free at the time to discuss your application process (currently raiding, etc.) we'll work out a time that works best for yourself and us within the next 24hrs.

Stormrage - US
Hello There,
Fun House is a 10man Hardcore/Casual Raiding guild that WILL be Top 100 US in MOP Raiiding. We also be doing Rated BG's as well as World PVP as we become more developed. We are looking for dedicated/Experienced raiders who know how to play their class without someone holding their hands. Because we are a guild who expect our core members to be nothing but "Ranked" material everyone will be considered replaceable if you do not meet expectations. Although we expect our raiders to be 100% up to par on their skill level we still like to maintain an enjoyable raid and casual gaming atmosphere. We will begin raiding next week and are in need of the following classes to fill our core.

-All DPS (except plate DPS)

Note: If your role/class is not listed here please feel free to still message me or apply!

Our Raid Times are: T/W/TH 9:30pm - 1:30am PST

Although we are fairly new, me along with the GM and other raiders in our current core are experienced players who have all once been in ranked guilds!

If what you have read here seems like a good fit for you and you are up for the challenge then please feel free to respond here or add me on RL ID.

Real ID: airforcepwns@hotmail.com

Thank You and Best Regards,

The leadership of this guild broke off from Nebula on Alliance side of the same realm (realm #2/world 638 for Deathwing raid)

<Metrum> Stormreaver - Horde 10m
Raid Start - 6:00 to 10:00pm PST
Raid Days - Tues/Wed (Thursday is the alt run and not mandatory but highly encouraged)
Datacenter - Chicago
Who to contact (realid): ericprydz82@yahoo.com

Recruitment Needs:

All exceptional players should apply. We have raiders who can play 4 or 5 different toons so we can tweak our roster based on applicants.

Death Knight - Low
Druid - Low
Hunter - Low
Mage - High
Monk - Low
Paladin - Low
Priest - Low
Rogue - Medium
Shaman - Low
Warlock - Low
Warrior - Medium (dps)

<Metrum> is a newly formed raiding guild (sub 6 months) with roots going back to Vanilla; our officer core has in-depth raiding experience throughout every teir. We are currently looking for dedicated raiders for a strong start in MoP. Our primary focus is building a strong raiding core for the opening teir of Mists, and we plan on achieving this by extensive trials. <Metrum> is looking for raiders who love to raid and know what raiding truly is. With a two night a week raid schedule we expect 95% raid attendance. Our mains will never be asked to raid a third night; however, we intend on running a one day alt run. This run is completely optional, but We believe the key to 10 man progression is having a reserve of geared alts that can swap out based on the fight's requirements. Our goal will be to keep our alt group on par with our main raid in terms of gear and progression. While it may seem raiding two nights a week won't allow for quick progression, we know in many cases progression rankings come down to the very last boss. With a strong group of alts we can clear any challange that awaits us.

We promise to offer:
- Stable leadership team, we have been raiding together and have known each other for 3 years.
- No drama loot distribution. Loot is distributed by council and we consider performance, attendance and recent upgrades obtained. Additionally, we plan out our loot strategy based on upcoming progression bosses and their DPS/Healing/Tank requirements.
- Strict adherence to high performance standards. We play to our max potential, and we expect all raiders to do the same.
- Quick removal of under-performers. Raiders will be held to the standards of others and we will open recruitment to maintain this standard.
- Honest feedback on performance. We will provide information based on your performance, if you want to tweak a spec, raise DPS or how to avoid a mechanic.
- Everyone has a voice. Due to our two night raid schedule, we plan on doing a lot of our strategy building through our forums and in-game discusions. If there is something you wish to add to how we are doing business, it will be honestly considered. Anyone can submit good ideas for the betterment of the guild.
- Raiding environment that works with real life commitments. Raiding 2 days (Possibly 3 if you run alts) is much more flexable and less time consuming, allowing for more RL commitments.

Applying to the guild is a requirement. If you aren't going to take the time to app, why would we take the time to interview you, let alone hand out a raid spot to you.

To apply visit http://metrum.guildlaunch.com/
Hey you sound like the type of player we are looking for. Here's a bit of info about our guild:

Celestial is a former top 165 US 10 man that is looking for some laid back, skilled players for MoP raiding. While we are no longer raiding in the same capacity as we did during Cataclysm, we are still looking for players that would like to be part of a solid, casual yet progression minded group in Mist of Pandaria. Ideally, we are looking for players who take their raiding seriously, but don't have the time or desire to raid a whole lot. Things like raiding professions, gemming and reforging correctly, ability to stay out of fire while performing your role adequately and researching upcoming fights before showing up are essential.

Our schedule is Mondays and Fridays from 9:30-12:30 EST.

Please be advised that because of our light schedule, attendance is paramount. PLEASE DON'T BOTHER APPLYING IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE RAIDS CONSISTENTLY.


We have 1 melee spot open for a Rogue, Warrior or Frost DK.
We have 1 ranged spot open for a Cloth DPS. Preferably a mage but any will do.
We have 1 healer spot open (any non monk healer will do)

If you are interested, contact me via battletag (Sinn#1106). For a small period of time, we will be taking recruits without the need of an application although a vent interview is still required.
Hey Dog!
We are a horde guild (On ysera server) looking for someone exactly like you, we are in general a semi hard core guild trying to progress to better ourselves as raiders. Our Raid times are 5:45pm - 9pm pst Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. To apply or for more information please visit http://id2ysera.enjin.com/aps or contact me or any of our officers online at anytime. You can also add my battle id @ Tanxme#1944 I look forward to hearing from you. And either way i wish you good luck on finding a new home!
Questionable Intent is a 25-man Horde weekend raiding guild on Shadowmoon (US-PvP, EST).

Raid Schedule
  • Friday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Saturday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Monday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST (Added in MoP)
  • Sometimes our raids will go past our scheduled raid times if we are getting close to downing a progression boss or to finish clearing up some farm content. However, we try to limit this to no more than 10-20 minutes. Our raids pull precisely on time with pre-planned breaks because we understand that sitting at your computer for any number of hours can be difficult.

    We are a 25 man raiding guild. We strive to down as much content as we can during our allotted raiding time. Our goal is to be a successful and compete with guilds that raid four days a week so in order to do this we need upper talented, motivated players. Alts are welcome in our guild but be aware that even though it is your alt, it is a main in our guild. That said, you must have BiS enchants and know your class thoroughly.

    Recruitment Needs* (Alts of Weekday Raiders are welcome.)
  • Tanks
  • Healers
  • DPS
  • *If you feel that you are an exceptional player, feel free to apply even if we are not specifically recruiting your class. We are always looking for talented, quality and capable players to add to our roster.

    Cataclysm Progression
  • Dragon Soul
      8/8 Heroic
      Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
  • Firelands
      Glory of the Firelands Raider
      7/7 pre-nerf
      6/7 HM
  • Tier 11
      4/4 - BoT - 1/4 - Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker pre 4.2
      6/6 - Blackwing Descent pre 4.2
      2/2 - Throne of the Four Winds pre 4.2
  • Loot Distribution

    Loot is distributed through a merit-based loot council. What this means to you as a potential raider in Questionable Intent is that your performance will always be taken into account when deciding loot. We do not limit performance to just how well you do on DPS/Damage Meters. Our idea of performance constitutes your attitude, how well you prepare for raid encounters, how much damage/dps you deal and take in an encounter, what you contribute to the guild outside of raid times, where it would benefit the raid more and how well you take direction.


    Zierius - Alcarius#1540
    Derrickster - derrickster#1587
    Venus - venus#1169
    Pryne - Pryne#1736

    You may also contact us via whisper in game on the characters Zierius, Derrickster, Venùs (ù= alt+0249) or Pryne; or you may visit our website at [url]http://qiguild.guildomatic.com[/url]

    How to Apply

    We realize that not everyone is comfortable or very good at filling out a 'form' for applying. As a result, we offer two methods of application: You may apply via public or private form application available on our guild website or you may apply via a vent interview that will cover the same points as the form application. If you elect to attempt application to Questionable Intent, please review the application form available on our forums prior to the interview.
    Faded Dreams 7 year 25man Horde Guild: Blackhand

    Get to know us:


    We are looking for Warlocks, Rogues, Mages and Balance/Resto Druids, Resto Shamans and Holy Paladins.

    We hold a tight roster and do NOT over recruit, please apply on our website or add me to real id: sukoidha@gmail.com or add me on my battle tag Sukoidha#1753 and we may speak via mumble if you prefer.

    We do not just raid, we have alt runs, GDKP runs we do with the server, bgs, rated battle grounds and we are always having fun running old content for transmorg and finishing off peoples legendary staves.

    Server: Blackhand
    Guild: Faded Dreams
    Guild Creation Date: 2/16/2005 (7 years)
    Faction: Horde
    Current progression: 4/16 25man
    Requirements: 18+ years old, experience, knowledge of your class
    Raid Times: 7pm-11pm CST Monday-Thursday
    8pm-12am EST Monday-Thursday

    Loot is distributed in a epgp format.

    Website: www.fd.dkpsystem.com

    Blackhand is hosted by the Chicago Data Center

    Our Kill videos Archive on our Website:

    Further, even if we are not actively recruiting your class/spec, all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply!

    ~If you wish to inquire about more information, talk to Sukoidha, Theundeadone, Splertiki, Akimash, Chiphoof or Wari on blackhand or the forum; An officer is usually online by 6pm CST.
    <Annuit Copetis>
    Tues-Thurs+Sun 8-11 PST.
    Currently 3/6 MSV
    Raid spots ARE open, no bench or back ups, if you're bad you will not raid.
    We have always been one of the best guilds on our server.
    Please apply at our website here : http://acguild.enjin.com/forum

    We have open spots for any exceptional players.
    WTB mage!

    Immediate opening for a great mage.

    Server Firsts/Top 100 US push

    Raids: Sun-Wen 6-9pm PST (9-12EST)(8-11pmCST)

    Real ID: bobs69amx@comcast.net

    Vanilla: All content cleared
    TBC: All content cleared (Top 60 U.S. Muru + KJ Sunwell kills)
    WOTLK: All content cleared (Top 30 kills + Top 50 U.S. HLK Kill)
    CATA: All content cleared

    Raid Schedule (All times are CST)
    Tuesday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM
    Wednesday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM
    Thursday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM
    Friday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM (Option raid / Finish off content / Old stuff)

    Things we desperately need:
    SPRIEST (1)
    MAGES (2)

    If you cannot make atleast two of these raids a week, please don't waste your time!

    Applications: http://forums.farmstatus.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=3
    (Website still under construction, almost complete!)

    -We will consider ANYONE who seems good, but raiding experience is shined apon, slackers will not be carried, but removed from the guild. If you've just recently changed mains, gear at this point is still not needed, but 90ties with quick gear is always a plus.

    -Good communication skills. Many of the encounters are multifaceted, and it's impossible for a single person to monitor all the elements of a fight. We rely on all our raiders to provide input on fights and give constructive suggestions/ideas, especially for new content. Members also need to know when to be vocal and when to be quiet and listen. You have to be able to respond on TeamSpeak when spoken to.

    -Possess a PvE mindset. Our officers and members have a strong desire to see new content and progress as a guild. If you do not share the same goals/interests, this is not the guild for you.

    - Mature enough to tolerate jokes and handle criticism. If you cannot take racist, gender bashing, !@#$% jokes, fart humor, ^-*!-talking on TS, being made fun of, then this is NOT the guild for you. We love to have fun and a big part of that is joking around

    - Come prepared to every raid with consumables (potions, flasks, oils, food, etc) to last you the entire night. We will provide most things, but it isn't a garentee.

    - Know how to prepare for encounters. If it's a new fight, you're expected to understand at least the basic abilities of the fight and have seen videos of the encounter. Reading our strat forum!

    - Stable internet connection and computer that can run WoW at highest graphics

    Why Farm Status?

    Drama Free: We do not tolerate drama of any kind in Farm Status. We don't have officers screaming at each-other on TS, inter-guild flame threads, or any of the other bull@#$% that can arise from raiding. Loot drama is especially frowned upon; idiots who complain constantly about loot or demand pieces will be removed without hesitation. We have worked hard to maintain a fun but mature atmosphere and we intend on keeping it that way.

    Positive Raid Environment: Farm Status believes raids should be fun and enjoyable. If you are seeking a place where the raid leader is blowing up at people for every tiny mistake, look elsewhere. We believe in a positive and upbeat environment - and our progression is evidence of this successful philosophy.

    -Fair loot system
    We use a council loot system, where we decide who needs the gear the most. No DKP hoarding, no officers getting sneaky DKP. You'll generally find our officers having the worst gear due to giving it out to others. If you NEED a piece to complete a set, or it's a huge upgrade, chances are you'll get it.
    Tank priority is the only rule you need to know!

    About Farm Status

    We are a tough guild trying to progress as fast as possible and have a blast while doing so. We were the furthest progressed guild on Rexxar, holding number one on the server for years, and top 50 U.S.

    Officers to Contact
    Vredezbyrd (Main recruitment & Caster Officer)
    REAL I.D. IF YOU WANT TO ASK QUESTIONS: VredsBattleNet@Gmail.Com
    Uncut (GM / MT) chaoticretard@hotmail.co.uk
    Obzidion (Melee) Obzidion#1341
    Orangelite (Healer officer)
    Bruph (Officer)
    Greetings Doggystylez,

    5 year Horde guild here. 10 mans in BC, 25 mans Naxxramas through Firelands and 2 x 10 mans in DS. We're competitively pushing top server ranking, and have a core spot ready for your mage!

    Most of our players have a Vanilla and BC background, including myself, which is why you stood out to us. We don't have to teach you how to get out of fire!

    Raid days are 3 days nights a week, 9:30pm to 12:30am Central Standard Time.

    Fastest Contact ways are Applying @ condottieri-moonguard.enjin.com (The app is short and registration is simultaneous! The Recruitment officer or me will see it right away via e-mail notification.)
    Battletag (On right now): Stormrunner#1792
    Or Email me directly: kalrad.stormrunner@gmail.com

    Cheers, and I hope we might be a fit!
    <Semantics> is currently looking for a skilled mage to add to our roster. We're a 25 man progression guild located on Area52 with a current ranking of US35 25m. We do not recruit for the bench, this is for a core spot. Our goal is to progress through the content as quick as possible and we're looking for players with the same goals. I feel like you could be a great addition to our core raid and would like to speak with you. You can head to our website http://www.semanticsguild.com and fill out an app, or add me, Prowleress, to realID with alishah3232@gmail.com. You can also contact our GM Sauce with sauce@semanticsguild.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Raid times
    Tuesday-Thursday 7:30-11:30 EST

    4/16 Normal 25m

    13/13 Heroic 25m
    7/7 Heroic 25m
    8/8 Heroic 25m

    Recruitment Needs (as of 10/03/2012)

    Monk healer


    Shadow Priest

    As always, please feel free to apply if you feel you could offer improvement to our current raiding roster. Exceptional applicants of any class and spec are always welcome.

    About Us
    <Semantics> is a 25-man Heroic raiding guild. We were formed several months prior to the launch of Cataclysm as a group of like-minded individuals who thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the game. The founding members of <Semantics> were those who would PuG unique Wrath achievements such as the Immortal, Herald of the Titans, A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity, Conqueror/Champion of Ulduar, Earth, Wind and Fire, just to name a few. We wanted to create a raid environment with people who shared the same goals, those who would log on more than just raid time, and most of all to create a solid core community.

    Expectations from Applicants
    We are a progression guild, first and foremost. You are expected to be knowledgeable of your class, have high attendance (90-100%), have great situational awareness, and of course show up to raids prepared. We are a competitive group of people, and the same is expected of our applicants. Always be looking to improve, to be the best at your role. Players are expected to use the best professions [gathering professions are for alts], select the best race, and overall min/max their character. We offer a fun but serious raiding environment, striving for the highest progression possible.

    Loot Policy
    We use a loot council system for the distribution of loot. This council is comprised of three officers who decide who will receive the specific piece of loot. The system is open, where every member can see who is up for consideration. During progression, it is not uncommon for us to outfit certain players with loot that will give us the best chance for success.

    Point of Contact
    RealID: sauce@semanticsguild.com
    Officers: Sauce, Thewhitefox, Dabeef, Dorment

    To get more info or apply, go to http://www.semanticsguild.com
    We are looking for skilled players to progress through MoP raiding content, we a group of experienced players running a guild were we can raid 3 nights a week and still get the content done, where we are serious about raiding but have fun doing what we do


    Raid Times
    Tues: 8pm-11:30pm
    Weds: 8pm - 11:30pm
    Thurs: 8pm - 11:30pm

    apply at ashes2a.enjin.com or you can add my battle tag for more info berdrek1412#1545
    Hey there Dog,

    I think we may be a great fit for you and I'd love to chat if you have some time later today!

    <Blackhands Steakhouse> (H) 10 man on server - Blackhand

    Raid Days(Central Standard Time) :
    Tues - 7:00pm- 11:00pm
    Wed - 7:00pm- 11:00pm
    Thur s- 7:00pm- 11:00pm

    At least 95% attendance is required.

    Shadow Priest

    I'd love to chat with you in game, Realid: Tennisman1526@aol.com


    You should like exactly what I'm looking for in a mage and a raider... holla atcha girl via battletag (Fim#1396) or our website, Swarm-guild.guildzilla.com.

    The very basics about my team:
    Swarm, 10man hardmode progression team
    US-Alterac Mountains, PVP-EST timezone realm
    Raid days Tues-Weds-Thurs, with Mondays for the first six weeks of a tier
    Goal is US top100 for T14, US top50 for T15.

    Look forward to talking to you!
    Hi there

    Ring of Destiny has been a successful HORDE raiding guild for over 10 years, dating back to Everquest. We are a mature group and we are looking for like minded players who love to raid and excel at doing so.

    We raid Tue/Wed/Thu 730-10:30pm EST and we are looking for a couple good members to fill our roster in an effort to push progression. We currently are 8/8H in Dragon Soul.

    For more information, feel free to contact us in game using RI, battle tags, or email us at ringofdestiny@gmail.com


    Ring of Destiny's Contact Members:
    Toth - Guild Leader
    Crichton RealID- david4757@yahoo.com
    Battle tag

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