Need some help dissecting logs!

Hello hunters extraordinaire!

This xpac, I want to be more helpful with my raiders. Typically I am the officer who helps break down logs when it comes to things like wipes -- especially related to healing as I am a healer -- but this xpac I want to branch out to be more helpful to dps who seem to be falling behind.

We have a hunter in guild who has struggled in the past (he did poorly in firelands though part of that was due to hunter weapons not dropping, but was constantly ranking in heroic DS). I want to help make sure that he is where he should be off the bat, as I want all of our raiders to do well and be competitive with each other.

He was last on our Guard kill:

And in the middle-low of our pack on Feng attempts (there are other dps who are low and I will be seeking help for them too). I know his favorite spec is BM, and he was messing around with others to see if that would help.

Longer wipes:

I would love to see him up around 40k if that is possible (and taking into account he is not fully enchanted and could use a couple more upgrades). Any help you are able to offer is appreciated.

Thank you all very much!
Any tips, tricks or suggestions would be highly appreciated. While I can look stuff up, I find that someone who is fluent with the spec and has practice with it in a raid setting inevitably is more useful.
He needs to max his engineering and get his goggles, they will be a large upgrade.
His trinkets aren't bad but he should ideally go for the two I have, I belive they are best for all hunter specs.
Tinkering his gloves will help.
I'm not 100% sure but I think his damage from his pet is a little low. Was he sitting in the wrong guardian? They do take reduced damage when not stacked, and he may of stayed on the wrong one for part of that.

Silencing Shot 0 0.0 % - - - - - - 1 100.0 %
Where did that come from?
Thanks for the insights. Any more takers ?

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