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Hi I always love the stealthy playstyle in mmo's.. But I see alot of threads about rogue's dps.. So my question is are they viable at all? I was trying to decide between rogue or DK.. currently lvling a rogue to 55 then decide.. But let me be honest. I like to gank which is why I just about nutted over the rogue class but should I go DK or are these threads over hyped about the rogue's current state in the game
If you enjoy the stealthy playstyle, I'd suggest going with a rogue.

While it is true that we are currently a bit weak, it's only a matter of time until we become stronger again.

You see, this game is constantly under development, and so all of the classes go from being weak to strong and strong to weak for a time.

Your best bet is just to stick with whatever sounds like fun to you. Should you reach the level cap, or hit a part when leveling where you feel like it's not for you, you can always level a different toon.
In all seriousness, do not roll a rogue. If you love the idea of stealth, go druid. They can be healers, tanks, melee and ranged dps whereas rogues are limited to only melee dps (and struggling atm).

Why wait for months and months for changes that might not even come? Rogue is the least played class for a reason.
Like Sheevah said, have fun. Especially if rogues and stealth are your playstyle. At the start of Cata we were pretty weak as well, but excelled at support. We are ANNOYING in a bg due to our natural control in a fight. Utilize it; take this time to learn to play one of our best playstyles by default.

I'm loving bgs, and I'm still underleveled at the time of this writing. Why? Because I'm not aiming for top dmg, or most KBs (though I am proud of top flag returns every game), I'm aiming to win and helping control the flow of the tide every way I can.
Rogues WILL get better... just don't expect it to be til the next patch (not any time soon)
Rogues are still viable however there are many better options. If stealth is your playstyle (as is mine) then I think you should at least level it to 90 so you have it for when they're fixed if you decide that you don't like it.
Listen man you want the truth? I will give you the truth 100%.

Rogue atm is PURE GARBAGE.

You like to gank? Roll a Druid they can do everything a rogue can but better.
If you get bored of Ganking... hey NP you can also TANK on a druid.
You bored of Tanking NP you can also HEAL.
Dont wanna HEAL anymore? NP you can now RANGE DPS with the best of them.

ROGUE IS GARBAGE this is the solid honest truth.
If you're out to top the BG damage charts and consistently lead in KBs and generally be a random BG hero, rogue right now isn't going to do that for you.

If you intend to do most of your PVP either ganking stragglers in world PVP or playing with a consistent RBG or Arena group, rogue still has its strengths. There is a lot of control. You can lock down a player for a very long time if you aren't peeled. You can ninja cap nodes on some maps. On others, timing your smoke bomb and stuns on FC maps are essential. There's a lot you can do to help your team win, so long as you go in understanding that your role is more utility than being a one man wrecking crew- You missed that by a few months.
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ROGUE IS GARBAGE this is the solid honest truth.

Are you saying I smell?
ITT: Bad Rogues QQing.

OP, play what you want. If you're good, you'll do fine anyway.

Rogues are sitting pretty in the PvE department right now. I'm always top damage or dang near. PvP... well not so much. That will get better though with time.

Everyone that is impatient and doesn't want to wait, please reroll. You're a Flavor of the Month rogue anyway, and good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
The game is balanced enough so that you can excel in regular play with any class and spec in the game. The differences only really come out in cutting edge raiding and highly rated pvp. Something a newer player is very unlikely to be doing very soon. Play what you find fun. Play a bunch of classes if you can if you aren't sure what you'll like.

Rouges are a great choice if you enjoy playing a melee character and like stealth based gameplay. We are never "broken", and often highly competitive in both pve and pvp.

Plus, we have a great community. :)
Ty all for your replys. My question was pretty much sumed up to rogue are indeed viable but not the best, I don't need the op class as long as its viable ima stay with rogue, and besides my little blood elf is cute so when she dies at least ill look good going down ;)
10/05/2012 07:33 AMPosted by Gotheria
besides my little blood elf is cute so when she dies at least ill look good going down ;)

If that's your thing, good for you.
If you enjoy the stealthy playstyle, I'd suggest going with a Priest

I corrected your post in bold.
10/04/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Rfeann
ROGUE IS GARBAGE this is the solid honest truth.

Are you saying I smell?

No i respect you.

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