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Moon Guard

Rude and Not Ginger is a small, level 25 guild on the Moon Guard server, Horde faction. We are planning on raiding throughout the entire duration of the Mists of Pandaria expansion in a casual progressive, 10 man raiding environment. That said, we are currently lacking in our 10th wo/man to round out our team. The open spot, however, is up for a couple different options!

We need either:

A) Restoration Druid
B) Balance Druid
C) Holy Priest

If you can fill in any of those three potential slots, AND ONLY ONE OF THOSE THREE SLOTS, then we may be interested in YOU. That said...!

The Basics:
Level 25 Guild(all the perks!)
Raiding Mon/Tues/Wed Evenings, 830PM server until 1130PM server.
Must have previous, non-LFR raiding experience.
Must have vent(hurrdurr).
Must know how to gem and enchant properly.
Must have a sense of humor.
Feasts and flasks will be provided, but your help with mats is loved and appreciated.
Gems and enchants may be provided, depending on availability of materials.

Once again, we are looking for either a RESTORATION DRUID, BALANCE DRUID, or HOLY PRIEST.

All applicants MUST send a whisper to CRUGGLEZ or REVJAK in game, or an in game mail to CRUGGLEZ or REVJAK.

Thanks and have a nice day!


Would you be interested in a Monk? Mine is currently Mistweaver/Brewmaster and geared well for both.
10/04/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Asyr
Would you be interested in a Monk? Mine is currently Mistweaver/Brewmaster and geared well for both.

Unfortunately, we seriously only have a spot open for a resto or balance druid. We have 9 players. We need one more. A resto druid and I DPS. A balance druid and I heal. So! Sorry. :x
Slight changes to first post and information stuff. Less drunkenness and more soberness involved herein. Maybe.
Bump for Whovians :)
Still looking for a resto druid, balance druid, or holy priest for 10 man raiding. Come one, come all!
Still looking for that spot!
What a rude, colorist guild name.
Why am I not Horde? Why am I not Horde?!

... may the time and space be with you.

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