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And buggy, broken quests still make into the game. I'm not normally one to complain, but seriously, the amount of problems I've encountered while questing is ridiculous considering the amount of beta testers there were for this xpac. Most could be fixed with a simple log in and out and no big deal. But I've now run into being completely unable to finish the quest "A Monkey's Idol." /end frustrated rant

/start logical explanation
I started the quest, looted the first body, destroyed the first altar no problem. Went down, killed the second, looted the body and clicked to destroy the altar and nothing. The item did NOT reappear for me to click again, so I abandoned the quest and relogged to try again. Now I can't destroy either altar.

What I've tried:

Abandoning and relogging the quest
Restarting wow, both with and without the quest
Disabling all addons and relogging the quest

I've searched around and cannot find anyone that seems to be having the same problem, so obviously I did something stupid to bug it :(
I leveled to 90 and have done a ton of daily's. While I did run into bugs none of them slowed me down or prevented me from doing a quest.
I understand what you are saying. I had the Annual Pass Beta and rarely played it. And from the looks of it, when I did play, I just seen players sitting around in Stormwind/Orgrimmar with rare-epic mounts or dueling out front as usual. I doubt many people played the beta to "beta test".

I am interested because I am having problems with the turn-in on a quest also.
As Dendi said, while there may have been lotso f "Testers," none of them really did any testing.

They just wanted a first look at MoP.

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