lf crz invite to storm peaks

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you will find that weather effects are so brief and random that a response is unlikely, the spawns don't last long outside the weather either. Good luck. I will invite you if you are on and I feel like camping storm peaks for a rare fox after I'm finished with everything else (got one couple days ago).
you know the weather system is borked when i find the tlpd before i find a snowing storm peaks...
Yea the weather effects sucked. Been in Tanaris multiple times for the Silithid Hatchling during Sandstorms and haven't seen any spawn.
I managed to zone into Tanaris during a sandstorm, and there weren't any spawns. But after flying around for 45 minutes, 2 more spawned at each hive. I believe it's just a reallllllyyyyy long respawn timer, after the initial spawn when the weather starts.

Of course most weather doesn't last that long. When I got the Baby Ape, it didn't start raining on Jaguero Isle until about a half hour after the mainlaind. Then it only lasted maybe 20 minutes before it stopped.
got it; it's snowing in anub'arak at the moment come get em while they're hot. got a rare no longer need to be there ever again!
well done, it could have gone the other way (and you post back 6 months from now) Glad that isn't the case.

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