1 hand + shield to 2hander macro help!

UI and Macro
I need a macro to change my 2hander weapon to my 1handed weapon and shield.

/equipset 1hand
/equipset 2hand

I have tried using the above equipment set manager macro and it does not work. Same with the weapon one. Any ideas? Am i doing something wrong? Just need something that works.
As long as you're not fury (/equip and /equipslot are still bugged and have issues with weapons of the same name), you can do it without sets:

/equip name of 2h
/equip name of 1h
/equip name of shield

will toggle. /equipset doesn't toggle. It will always end up equipping the last /equipset that runs in a macro. The /scripted way of toggling an equipment set can't be used in combat.

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