Welcome new-comers, my name is Goatlust and I am the Guild Master of Hvis Lyset Tar Os on the US realm Blackrock. Thank you for taking the time to stumble upon our thread and hopefully you’ll consider applying for a guild position after a thorough read.

Our Guild has been around for quite some time now and we are looking to begin raiding by starting off with a 10 Man group in the newly released expansion MoP. We are looking for dedicated players with a team attitude. With these two attributes you’ll be sure to gear yourself out in no time with Hyvis Lyset Tar Os.

Currently we are searching for all classes and specs however; we already have three core raiding members though.

In order to secure your position as a core raider you will undergo a trial process after you have passed the initial application process.

Please refer to the following guide:

Loot System: DKP
Guild Raid Times: Weekly: Friday and Sat nights EST 7PM-12PM
Guild Email Contact: goatmedia88@gmail.com

1. You must submit a formal application containing the following information to goatmedia88@gmail.com

a. Your Class

b. Preferred Raiding Spec

c. Average Item level

d. Raiding Experience

e. Character Name

f. Availability times

2. If your application is cleared you will receive a reply via email or in game mail/PST.
3. MoP Heroic Dungeon clear with at least 2 Guild officers.
4. Upon passing the heroic dungeon skills assessment you will be added to the core guild raid roster, pending further analysis.

*Please note earlier applicants will receive priority placement in the 10 Man Core Raid Team.

*Teamspeak is also required by all raid members as we have our own hosted server. The download link is as follows: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

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