Taste for Blood Addon

Does anyone know of an Addon that will track Taste for Blood stacks? Will PowerAuras do it? I dont have experience with it and would prefer something more simple, but I am looking for anything. Someone help me out!
thanks for the suggestions but I can't figure out how to make it show the stacks. Do you happen to have the bar import code to help me out?
If you'v already set it up correctly (Right-click one of the bars, Buff, Unit to monitor = Player, type Taste for Blood), it will show the stacks, unless the size of the bar is too smal to show the name of the buff plus stacks. If that's the case, you just have to click and drag to adjust the width.
get enraged, then win.
SlamAndAwe is your best bet for PvE, even though there's no reason to "track" it since the addon will tell you the most opportune time to use it, it will still show you a bar of your current tfb stacks and blink at 5 (which you'll rarely hit in pve).
Weak auras FTW
debuff filter addon is good for you
Get the adding called nugcombobar. It will track taste for blood prices and meat cleaver stacks for fury
Here is my weak auras for taste for blood, it shows stacks and the time remaining on the buff.

Thanks Works awesome
iFilger does the same thing
so whats thy best?
12/14/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Ïngvar
so whats thy best?

Nubcombobar seems to work the best imo

Only useful for PvE now though anyways.
Tell me when. It's awesome and you can configure everything you want there, even enemy cds, cc or boss abilities.

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