Any PvP focused guild Horde side?

Guild Im in was like "oh yea we pvp" and all they do is pve so Im looking around. I dont have a rating on this char but Im not a rookie. Pvp first pve second hit me up
your name spells reszo backwards
Does it really
10/05/2012 12:17 AMPosted by Zigen
Does it really

You must be illiterate.

Or sarcastic
<Vanguard> is a pvp based guild. We do constant arenas and our second RBG team is already in the making. However we don't usually focus on World PvP, although I do. XD
sounds legit
if you want to pvp go alliance. Faster ques, easy wins. Go horde if you want to pve cause thats all they could do other then get farmed in and out of bgs =)
Faster ques? Yeah don't listen to bad alliance, since he has to wait 10 nins for randoom BGs. And a lot more for arenas.

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