Is Marks the worst spec right now?

Is Marks the worst spec right now? I'm doing like 24k dps in heroics.
I haven't been running MM, so there are definitely more qualified people here to give you advice.

I will say one thing. Your probably pretty focus starved in fights right now. Murder of Crows is way to much focus loss if your popping it regularly. Your main shots AS and CS are costing about 50 focus a piece, and if you pop MoC with one of those your pretty much spent.

I wish they would lower the focus cost of MoC to bring it in line with the other two.
So switch to blink strike since it costs no focus?
10/04/2012 08:19 PMPosted by Mitenka
So switch to blink strike since it costs no focus?

Or Lynx Rush. I think they're pretty close in damage last time it was discussed. LR is burst damage, and BS is about like a free Kill Command. I might go with BS though since its on a 20 sec cd, because it might sustain damage better during focus building periods.

Like I said before, I'm not running MM, so check some profiles on other MM hunters and see what they're running with.
Blink Strike is a no no because it's a GCD guzzler, and I think AMoC is best for MM and SV. But, yes, MM is crap and dead last ATM
I like running marks, if only for the aoe. Free multishot spamming while it won't really help on the bosses will get you through heroics faster at least. Not like the bosses are hard anyway.
MM just feels...clunky and outdated now. I hope it gets some love...

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