Razor naga mmo gaming mouse in pvp

Do you guys think it would be better to keybind my main abilities to mouse? or use them for cooldowns? I tried to keybind core abilities to mouse, but finding it rather difficult to get used to. Should I force myself to get used of it? Im being told its really good in pvp as it helps with moblilty. What are your guys thoughts on the mouse? And do you think its essential in pvp?
I don't have one yet, but will this weekend. Planned on using the buttons for defensive CDs and stuff, but not primary stuff.
You should be able to activate your keybinds while moving and strafing so I don't know why having your "rotation" or such on the mouse will help with mobility.

Like the others here I use the mouse for some cd's, mount, limited use macros, etc. Basically any extra stuff I can't fit on the keyboard since it has grown to 25 seperate binds as is.
Keyboard for core abilities, use naga for defensive/focus macros
well I have as of now 38 spells to press(My macros are all modifiers with shift or ctrl so it uses same slot) and I have the Naga Mouse. Honestly I don't think I can play without it, there is just too many things to press and if i keybind any more on keyboard it's gonna be very hard to press those buttons since they won't be close to left hand of the keyboard anymore (don't wanna end up keyboard turning or stop moving cause I have to take my hand off the mouse to hit a key). Even with the mouse I barely managed to fit everything and I actually use a lot of my spells on the mouse keybinded like this:
2=ice barrier
3=ice block
4=Presence of Mind
6=pvp insignia/medallion
7=deep freeze+deep freeze modifier with ctrl
8=Will of the forsaken
9=Arcane Explosion
10=Auto run
12=Mirror Images
Button on top left side of the mouse=frost orb
The button under it=not bound, too uncomfortable to press

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