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hey i am a demo lock currently having fun in pvp but am looking for a fairly competitive and fast progressing raiding guild on nagrand i have been raiding since late lichking but recently changed from ret pally to lock looking to progress through mop in a different role
Hey there Djdot,

Connection is looking for dedicated, mature and reliable raiders to be apart of the core 10man team. Being apart of a core team involves 100% commitment and availability as we do NOT recruit to bench players. We are on Dath'Remar, Alliance.

We are looking for a Warlock. I noticed you said looking for a guild on Nagrand but I thought I would post regardless with the thought you may consider realm changing.

Raid Schedule:
Note: All times listed are based on server time.

Thursday 8:30-11:00PM
Sunday 8:30-11:00PM
Monday 8:30-11:00PM

If this interests you, you can contact me directly in-game via BattleTag - Belacv#6196 or drop in an application on our website: www.connectionus.shivtr.com

Oceanic Guild Recruitment thread:

Good luck!
i just realm changed to nagrand would there be any chance of say a 50-50 split on the cost? i dont role in money : /
also your battle tag didnt work
Singapore based guild looking to recruit DPS (Caster)

Server: Dath’Remar
Guild: Singapore
Raiding Schedule: 8pm (GMT+8) Wednesday, Thursday and Monday.
Raiding format: 10man with Heroic Intention

With the recent change in daylight saving affecting the Australians, we had to sadly part away with one of our most regular raiders. In view of this, we are actively looking into recruiting a Caster DPS as we venture into Mogu Vaults. We are interested in recruiting either/or:-

A) Mage
B) Warlock (preferred)
C) Elemental Shaman

*Required GS iLevel: 458-460 at least (Easily Attainable with heroics/Rep gears)

*Should be able to raid on the mentioned dates above.

Please note that while a raid spot is somewhat guaranteed for you at the present time, we look at personal attitude above all. A matured behavior is always preferred over a random arrogant chart topper. Players who reflect a positive attitude during wipes and hardships are seeds we’d rather sow for a better crop tomorrow.

As per the raiding norm, players should have the willingness to learn and improve, come prepared for raids.

We are a matured guild who comprises mostly of Singaporeans and Australians. Apart from our semi-core raiding, other days are reserved for your personal time; guild challenge and achievement runs and we are a friendly bunch.

If you are keen in applying, please feel free to drop by and apply at
pandaactionparty.enjin.com. For enquiries, please feel free to speak to curvyboom or grapes online.
Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established guild in Dreadmaul. Currently at 2/6 MV. One group is raiding 7pm to 10pm Server Time and another group is raiding 11.30pm to 2.30am Server Time on Wed, Thu and Mon. If you find the above suit your situation, please contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com

I read through your post. I am seriously looking for one range dps that too a caster for our core 10m team. As a warlock you fit the bill. But i couldnt tell what are your preferred raiding time. If you are able to raid around 8pm to 11-12pm (GMT+8) then do message me, and I’ll make some arrangement. Don’t worry about the server transfer issue; we can have it covered IF you are committed. We are mostly working adults, covering it for you aint an issue.

My Id: Devastator#6737

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