<Cerberus> [H] [lvl 11] - Looking for more!

Cerberus is a casual oceanic horde guild.

We're a bunch of real life mates that have played WoW since vanilla doing both PvE and PvP.

We're looking for a few more people to fill our core raid team.

Need 1 heals (anything but druid) and some deeps.

Accepting druid heals / tanks but you'll be the start of our second 10 man team if you join.

Also plan on raiding casually once or twice a week, times and days will vary to suit the raid groups RL schedules.

Also accepting casuals/socials that just want a guild to talk !@#$ with but don't plan on raiding or anything.

Very relaxed and usually drunk guild. :)

We have a site and a 50 slot mumble server.

For more info:

To join:
PM any of the guildies and ask for an invite, everyone can.

To get a raid position:
Get in touch with me directly.

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