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I have a guild member who is... let's say irksome. I have them (well one of their alts) or ignore right now. The guild master says I should unignore him for raids. Is it possible to create an addon that will ignore this person and all his alts (from reading the player or officer notes in the roster), automatically unignore him for the duration of the raid if he is in it, and then reignore him upon leaving the group?
Is the lifting of names out of the roster mandatory? If you can manually supply a list of names then it's much easier.

Assuming he only has one account (you can hope!) the following should (in theory) unignore any one of the listed names if they join your raid (or you join a raid where they're present), and put them back on ignore after one of you leaves the raid.

local names = { "Mainsname", "Altsname", "Anotheralt", "Etc" }
local f = CreateFrame("Frame")
local inRaid
for i=1,#names do
if UnitInRaid(names[i]) then
inRaid = names[i]
if inRaid and not self.ignoredName then
self.ignoredName = inRaid
elseif not inRaid and self.ignoredName then
self.ignoredName = nil
It's not mandatory that it pulls from the guild roster, I can just hardcode the names in. I'll give this a try.
Ok, so I was just in a raid with the guild member in question. It unignored him correctly on joining the raid (he was there before me if that makes a difference), however it did not reignore him upon leaving the raid (again, I left before he did if that matters).

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