Dead Zone Quest - Dread Wastes

So I guess I activated the crystal before I was suppose to in the quest line as the Klaxxi'vess still wants to fly me there. So when I go there I can't finish the dead zone quest and I don't even have it in my quest log anymore. I think I have messed up the quest progression and I'm at a loss of what to do. I was hoping it was possible to either grant me the quest completion or reset it either way I don't care. But I'm sure without this quest being complete and getting the next in the quest line I will only get so far. Hope to here from someone soon. Thanks!
Maybe try bug report forum. Sounds like something for them.
I created a ticket only 4 days 13 hours :\ thanks
im having same problem
Not sure if this works for you, but I had the same issue; until I saw that the turn was a popup. It then leads to 3 other quests in the same area. Good luck!
the pop up did not pop up for me. i logged in and out of the game several times as well as dropping and picking up the quest. just go to your quest log and on the bottom right, you will see "complete quest" click on that and it will give you another quest. ty ~chibi

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