Anger. Battlegroups. Luck.

Grouping the battlegroups for all battlegrounds kind of threw off the natural balance, having each subsection of battlegroup balance itself out. Now that Mainly PvE/RP servers like Whirlwind have joined the fray with overly competitive battlegroups such as Bloodlust or Rampage, it kind of brought the bad with the good.

I don't know. To me it seems like it's now based on luck whether or not you get the good servers/people.

People say it's because it's the start of an expansion, and things have to work themselves out. Sure. But I don't see this ever fixing itself.

I propose for BG's the battlegroups are put back into their own niches. It brought order and reason for people to be in certain battlegroups with their own skill level or assets. Granted they do the proper research.

Yes, I do have other 90's, so I'm going off of just one viewpoint or level range.

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