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Please add fullscreen support using DX11 for Eyefinity/Surround resolutions.
Currently only DX9 supports it and it is such a performance loss that it is still better to run DX11 Windowed Fullscreen.
Using this method however nets you a frame rate loss from not being in fullscreen and also you cannot use Crossfire/SLI in Windowed mode.

Please add support~ <3
I unfortunately don't have much to add to this thread outside of agreeing that it would be a nice addition. Mezame posted a rather comprehensive thread a while back about playing World of Warcraft with Eyefinity that you may want to check out, though. Some of the information may be fairly dated at this point, but it's still an excellent read with some great discussion.

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Thanks Kodiack. I had a read through, unfortunately there is nothing in there that helps.
I tried once more to go to DX9 fullscreen which will enable my two 7970's to run in xfire, unfortunately I net a 25 frame loss. Standing still in a certain area in Pandaria, in DX11 Windowed Fullscreen at 5760x1200, I am on 60FPS. Changing nothing but the API to DX9 then going to Fullscreen, I lose 25 frames. I am running 12.9 CAP 1 with the MoP xfire profile and the latest 12.9 beta drivers.

Here's hoping to Blizzard enabling DX11 fullscreen at 5760x1200~

Lots of people with 3 monitors these days...

It sucks our only 2 options are DX9 fullscreen with crossfire, or DX11 windowed without crossfire. I have WoW settings mostly to "good", which is ok, but not what I would like from my most costly game.

BF3 for example, I set everything to Ultra, turn AA all the way up, and get constant 60+FPS.

Please support DX11 fullscreen!!!
I second this motion...
I third the motion! It's time Blizzard!
I Fourth this motion... I bought three 23" monitors two weeks ago played for a week then returned them as I was extremely unhappy with the results. Using Nvidia surround, altho has almost all the same problems as eyefinity.. horrible fisheye effect on side monitors.

How can anyone play when you turn ur screen and that lighthouse thats like 1000 yards away looks like 10 feet away on ur side screen.. sorry thats just horrid! Fix it and Ill go buy monitors again =)
Would love to get a response from a CM or Blue on this. Any sign of DX11 fullscreen support for triple monitors? Maybe a floating combat text fix? FOV slider? Anything at all?
I feel the same way. I hate I have to run my system under DX9 and High quality when it doesn't do my steam justice. Just waiting to hear from a blue post that this is included in an upcoming patch.
Just picked up a 6990 and i'm super disapointed I can't run eyefinity with DX11. It was no problem when i had a nvidia card. If a fix doesn't roll out i'm either going back to nvidia or moving on from wow.
You were able to run Nvidia Surround resolutions in fullscreen with DX11 API?
I also have this issue.
I can't change the res in fullscreen. it just displays as "custom"
I tried windowed mode and windowed fullscreen and I am still not able to change the Res size on DX11. also windowed fullscreen does not function correctly in DX11.
once I switched over to DX9 everything started to work correctly.

do we have an ETA on a patch for this?
Just paid $50 to come back to wow over the holiday for some fun after SWTOR and some major system (My PC) upgrades and got no support for my system other than a ton of failed WOW.exe launches.

Played WOW since the start and now i recall why I left...

c'mon bliz spend that $$ for your users support and stop dumb'n down the content.

Yet another user with this same issue. I had taken a hiatus from WoW for a couple of years after playing since the game first came online. I was just completely burned out (but that's another story altogether). In any case, I have a Radeon 6990 and had been playing Star Trek Online and SWTOR with three 23" monitors at 6144x1152. I've never had a hiccup. I come back to WoW and I'm forced to play in a squinky window for $15/month? WTH? With all the development resources at Blizzard's disposal, making this worse, I find out it's a *two year old* problem? It's not an AMD problem: the drivers work in every other game we can think of, and it's not a Microsoft issue, because there are new DX11 titles coming out every day that support multi-head gaming. So the issue must squarely lie with Blizzard and their engine. Has anyone actually opened a support ticket on this?
Im going to complain as well crazy that Blizzard takes in 15 mil a month from WoW and they cant take the time to fix this. Please Blizzard its time you catch up every other game supports it why wont you?
eyefinity/surround is the next best thing and has been since people could use it and afford 3 monitors , and crossfireX/SLI are growing as well, why wouldnt you support the people who pay more to get the best experience rather than ignore them?
02/22/2013 04:49 PMPosted by Lardar
eyefinity/surround is the next best thing and has been since people could use it and afford 3 monitors , and crossfireX/SLI are growing as well, why wouldnt you support the people who pay more to get the best experience rather than ignore them?

Agreed. I did get a response back on my thread a while back. All they told me was that it is still not a priority and to post in the bug forums. Pretty sad the bug is 2 years old and nothing is being done while Blizzards competition has almost full support.
It's not a priority because basicly less then 2-3 percent of the players can even use it. You would actually be surprised on what most people play games on. And what competition the ones that are basically Bankrupt? Very few of the " competators" are even operating in the Black many of them are either bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy
I have always stood by Blizzard and justified spending $15 a month since release on the fact that they normally fix bugs and take care of stuff like this. I have been playing on a eyefinity setup for awhile now and I stopped playing WOW because there is no support. Luckily there are plenty of new games out im willing to give my money to because they can take care of simple things like this.

There is no excuse for a company so well off money wise not to fix an ANCIENT known issue like this.

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