[A] Destruction 6/6 LF 1 Heal

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Destruction a core raiding guild is looking to recruit 1 Healer for our core progression team.

Destruction achieved world 112th kill of Four Kings and is currently top of server Aman'thul. We are looking to replace some weaker links of our team to push to clear herioc content quickly and efficiently.

We plan on being a realm first guild throughout Mists of Pandaria. We are looking for raiders whom share the same goals and attitudes. We are a fun group of players and looking for people to push and enjoy the content.

Raiding Times:
8-11PM AEST Wednesday
8-11PM AEST Thursday
And one more raid day (Same times)

We currently are looking for:
1x Healer (Monk, Druid, Priest, Paladin)

Other exceptional raiders feel free to apply aswell.

We provide all raiding materials aside potions, all we ask for is dedicated players that show up, dedicate to the team and put in 110% effort.

We need replacements as soon as possible. Add my real ID Jackson.worley@yahoo.com or you can contact me in-game on Fate.
Just looking for 1 healer now

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